Apr. 8th, 2015

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 So, I've been marathoning this show. I should preface this post by saying that horror is not my genre. When I was seven, my then-babysitter let me watch The Amityville Horror, which gave me nightmares. And after that, my childhood best friend and her family were huge horror buffs, and constantly rented everything from the Friday the 13th series of films, to Poltergeist, to whatever was popular at the time (unbeknownst to my parents). I can remember having nightmares about Poltergeist, too. I didn't want to be uncool in front of my friend and her family, so I watched these movies and hid my head inside my sleeping bag at the parts that were too scary for me. How old was I? Probably between 7 and 14 years old. Like many kids who are avid readers who grow up to play RPGs and write stories themselves, I had a vivid imagination. I was really good at taking the things I saw, and scaring the bejeezus out of myself with my own imaginings.

Anyway, fast forward to adulthood, and I don't watch horror movies. I never really analyzed why until recently. It was just an instant "no". When pressed, I would say I don't like being scared, and this is true. I'm not a fan of movies that make you jump. I'm even less of a fan of gratuitous gore and violence, like the Saw movies, for example. I just see no reason for those to exist, beyond carrying out someone's really sick fantasies. So, for several years now, practically everyone I know has been watching this show, and saying how awesome it is, and being absolutely floored when I say I don't watch it. 

Recently, some friends of mine got into American Horror Story. They told me how good it is, and knowing my preferences, told me I should try it anyway and see if it was something I could watch, because it is just that good. Needing something to watch while working out, I gave it a shot. I did not make it past the first episode. 

I don't know why this failed attempt led me to The Walking Dead, but it did. I was scrolling for another show to watch, and thought "WTH, I tried the other one, everyone says this one is so good, I'll try it, too." And I did. The first episode was a little slow, but the characters were intriguing. I did look away from the screen a few times during gratuitous ickiness, but I went ahead and queued up episode 2, and then 3. Sometimes, when the camera lingered too long on someone trying to make their way safely through a herd of zombies, I would fast forward, because that kind of suspense drawn out too long gives me an uncomfortable level of anxiety. But I kept watching. And the longer I watched, the more I had to know what was happening with these characters.

The upshot is, I have binge watched three and a half seasons in approximately a week. I don't know why I am able to watch this show when I couldn't watch AHS. I will say that sometimes, it makes me feel physically ill, and sometimes I have to look away and cover my ears. There have been a couple of almost-nightmares, and times when I thought I might have to step away. But I am still engaged, still want to know what is happening with these characters (Daryl, you are my favorite, although Carol is right up there.) 

I should probably put the rest of this behind a spoiler cut, just in case. )


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