May. 30th, 2015

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 Yesterday was an awesome day of writing accomplishment, which carried into this morning. Weekends will be tougher, I think, because the husband and I are often busy, but my weekdays are pretty free for the next few weeks at least, so these should start showing a lot of progress.

I will say that having my storyboard done is really helping things to roll very smoothly, indeed. I had the catalyst happening at 12k words, and I am right on the precipice of it now, so everything is proceeding as I had it paced, and I am not having any moments of being stuck with where the story is going. Instead, I get to do scene planning in my head. How I want to lay things out, specific things I want to make sure and include, how I want to approach it through my MC's POV. So far, so good. 

Favorite bit:

It felt exactly like that time she and Atrea got into the old Wolf’s private stash of Bennethan rum, and drank the whole bottle between them. When he’d caught them, too late, Captain Hades took one look and said the morning would be punishment enough.

He wasn’t wrong.


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