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 For my European friends. My husband had a conversation while he was in Japan this year with some fellow travelers who originated in Europe. The talk turned to high speed internet, and it seems in at least some places in Europe, average high speed downloads are as fast as 100mb per second, with average cost somewhere in the $15-20 per month range.

While here in the us, 1mb per second is "high speed" for anywhere from $40-60 per month. Our European friends were marveling at this, and wondered how the US high speed providers could get away with this highway robbery (it's simple, really - we have no choice. There are no other/better options.)

Once home, Mark was uncertain if his fellow travelers were referring to business internet, or home internet. So I offered to pose the question to my f-list. So, if you're inclined to share, how fast is your internet, and how much do you pay for it?
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Hey, interwebs, I need help!

I'm trying to find a specific blog post by an agent or agents, detailing the process of an agent-author break up. I know I've read it more than once. I'm fairly certain Bookends blogged about it at one point. But heck if I can find it.

A friend is in a position where she needs to move on, but isn't quite sure on all the how of doing so. Much thanks in advance!
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Okay. I'm making a new header for my LJ, and I NEED something to make that heavy fog look, like the fog machine makes on the show. A brush, or something. Help a girl out, LJ!
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A question for all you authors, or writers who may have been through this - my crit partner, [livejournal.com profile] woodrunner has run into an unusual (to us newbies) request from the agent currently reading her full manuscript. She could sure use some advice before she fullfills their request.
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So. Say, on a ship (in this case a space ship) when the elevator or lift from one deck to another doesn't work, what is that ladder thing you can climb instead called? You see it in all sorts of SF movies/TV shows. I don't think "ladder" is right, but damn if the words to call it by don't completely escape me at the moment.
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Okay, all knowing f-list!

I've looked and looked, and can't seem to find a clear answer.

On a Naval vessel, if, say, an officer is accused of a crime along the lines of treason, I believe the Navy would have authority and jurisdiction, not some other government agency, even if the other agency are the ones who show up with evidence of this?

I hope that makes sense.

I just want to make sure I'm not going down the wrong path here, but I'm reasonably sure I'm correct.
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So, say you're in a civil war in the far future, and both sides are fighting over a mining colony, because the depostis are too rich to give up to "the other side". And the current government wins the day, but the colony decides to fire on any ships they send down.

This would be called what, in technical terms? An act of sedition? Of treason? Of what? Militarily speaking. It feels right on the tip of my brain, but it's just not there.

Twitter Q

Jan. 8th, 2009 12:21 pm
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There must be some way to filter one's twitter list, yes? So you don't always have to scroll through every single person you're following to catch up on a few you are looking for?
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Hmmm. Maybe someone out there will have some good suggestions.

A friend of mine has, in partnership with another woman, sponsored a local event this Halloween, the Albany Masquerade, a Masquerade Ball at a local venue that will include live music, etc, with proceeds to benefit SMART - a literacy program here in Oregon designed to help kids better learn reading in schools.

The problem is, if they don't start selling some tickets, they won't even be able to cover the cost of the event, much less actually donate something to SMART. They are on an extremely tight budget, but they have done some things for promotion, including dressing up and handing out flyers to local businesses, putting an ad on Craigslist, the website, the local radio station is chatting about it and giving away a couple of tickets - but so far, only ten people have actually purchased tickets. And of those ten - me, my sister, our husbands, my friend L's sister and her boyfriend, her Mom - that leaves, what, three tickets that are not in some way directly linked to L? She is starting to panic and think that she's going to lose a lot of money on this, not to mention have no one show up. Any ideas on how to better get the word out? Tickets are $20, and this doesn't seem like too much when people can write it off on their taxes. They need to sell something like 140 more. Surely there are 140 adults in the area willing to dress up on Halloween and go out and have fun with a bunch of other adults. We just need to find them.


Sep. 27th, 2008 08:15 pm
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Help me, oh f-list!

My un-computer savvy m-in-law is in search of some specific songs for a class she teaches.  I could d/l them from iTunes, but she needs to be able to use them, and she's...not iTunes savvy.  At all.

By David Cook:

"Time of My Life"
"Light On"
Billy Jean"

By David Archletta:

"This Moment"

And most difficult of all, the version of "Fever" by who knows what artist they've been playing with the 'Lipstick Jungle' promos.  Anyone?  I can't seem to track this one down.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:40 pm
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The husband's MacBook is suddenly experiencing super slow load times on internet pages.  All pages, like 30 seconds and up.  This via the exact same wireless connection, in the exact same room as my MacBook, which has the usual lightning fast speeds. 

Our first thought is some kind of spyware bogging things down, but that doesn't usually attack Macs.  Any ideas, f-list??  We are at a serious loss here.  He's using Firefox, FYI, same as me.

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So, my husband created this really amazing powerpoint keynote presentation about the Hero's Journey for his English classes, complete with relevant movie clips and mood music (I know, he is a freak when it comes to this stuff! But it is REALLY cool.)

He planned to upload it to his school district provided web site for the kids to access and d/l there. I believe he converted the whole thing to a quicktime video, so 1)they could not copy/paste from it and 2) they would have to actually go through each. and. every. slide. The problem? His finished video is more than 200mb in size. The school apparently only permits files of 10mb or less to be uploaded. He needs someplace, preferably free, where he could upload this and the kids could access it for downloading, and he may want to mess around with a webpage for it because he's gotten all excited about iWeb, or something. I don't know. LJ is as web-savvy as I get.

Any recommendations?
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Okay, so Mark was extremely excited about using Numbers from iWork as his new gradebook software...until he tried to use Vlookup to look up a particular student and get that one student's grades and history...apparently it's not as easy to do as typing that sounds. And the "help" feature is full of unintelligible jargon like "...enter the search value of the cell range of the column..." that makes it nearly impossible to decipher.

Anyone got an Idtiots Guide to using the Vlookup feature? I know Excel also has 'vlookup' but whether it functions exactly the same as Numbers or not, I don't know.

Help me, oh F-list, you're my only hope!
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Help me, oh F-list!

I need six or seven pics for some young (16-18 year-old) good looking people.  Guys and girls, though guys seem to be more difficult for me to find. 

These would be character pictures.  Some basic archtypes:

A couple of good looking rebellious guys - that rough around the edges look sometimes seen on Dean and Sam of SPN, but not, y'know, them.  I'm trying for pics not so instantly recognizable here.  But that sort of age works well for me, even though they aren't exactly teenagers anymore. ;)

The super smart, good girl who gets straight A's, but could be wild if she were tempted the right way.

The wild chick who is a bad influence on her super smart best friend.  Think a young Angelina Jolie, maybe.  But again, not her

A few others of random personality types I haven't decided on yet.  No, please don't ask what this is for yet.  I'm not willing to go into it at this moment. 

I am not up with who is new on the Hollywood scene, and thought some of my f-list might have a few ideas, or even a few pics to show me.  Pleaee, if you have a pic (or several) you think might work, feel free to comment with them.  Just please keep them work safe. :)

Oh, and I'm not picky on hair and eye color.  I just need the pics to work for personality. 


Jun. 20th, 2007 10:12 am
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Mighty f-list of all-knowing power, you can help me with this, I know.

The husband is eyeing an iBook as his next laptop. I've been putting him off, saying our laptops are only two years old, and we don't need new ones - that is only partially true. We use them so much and write so much, we both have keys on our keyboards that are starting to lose functionality. He's traveled enough with his that even the sturdy Thinkpad is showing wear and tear. (Japan and back can do that, I suppose.) I'm thinking about possibly maybe getting him an iBook sometime in the next year. Maybe.

I'm starting to research them now. Our current laptops have 15" screens, so that's the size I'm thinking of for the iBook - but that kicks it up to twice the cost of the 13" iBook. So...those of you who have one, what size do you have? What do you love about your iBook? What would you change if you bought another?
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Help me, oh F-list! 

I am desperate need of a song, could be with or without words, that has an old world feel (similar to some of Loreena McKennitt's stuff) with a kind of sexy beat/sound.  Think of it as kind of a sensual dance that oh, a gypsy woman might do.  (And no, this is not for me.  I do not dance.  Ever.  My sense of rhythm is deplorable.)

So, offer me up your suggestions!  If you have an mp3 I could sample, even better!


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