Jan. 18th, 2008 10:41 am
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*puts on smile*

On a shinier, happier note, here are some more bobble pics:

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Jan. 8th, 2008 10:34 am
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So, news is cautiously good on my mom-in-law. They kept her overnight, and her blood pressure did start to come up last night. Apparently their biggest concern was that yesterday, after starting antibiotics, her kidney infection was worse than the day before, before starting them. So they gave her a super-antibiotic shot last night, and will run blood tests this morning to find out if it worked. *fingers crossed* Best possible scenario: it worked, they prescribe more in the form of pills, and send her home today. We should know in a couple of hours.

I other good news, I finished all the bobbles! YAY! A couple will not go out in the mail until tomorrow or possibly Thursday, largely because I seem to have run out of boxes to pack them in, and they are fragile things that need shipping protection, which I will now have to hunt up in the proper size. But all of the bobbles are finished, and I am very pleased.

I've also got a shipment of new stones coming in, which I'm eager to use. Sure, some are earmarked for specific pieces I have in mind, but I'm also thinking of doing another bobble round, if people would be interested. As much as I love buying new stones/making new things, I can't possibly wear everything I make, and making things specifically to sell hasn't been super successful yet. Bobbles help me use new stuff, make it for other people (which I LOVE) and also covers some of the materials/my time involved. And they take me in creative directions I would never have thought of without you guys! A sampling of some of the new loot:

New + current brings gemstones at my disposal up to:

rainbow moonstone
lemon quartz
+ anything else that catches my eye between now and then

New order won't be in for about two weeks, but I figured I'd go ahead and test the waters now as far as bobbles go. I'm also thinking of removing the cap on them. I've been pretty strict on the $10-$35 limit, but with all these pretties at my disposal, I'm thinking if someone wants earrings made with expensive, hard to find gems instead of the easier to get my hands on stuff...maybe I should let them. Minimums would still apply, so nothing less than $10, but if someone wants a $50+ bobble, I'm throwing open the gates, so to speak.

Of course, the more expensive may take me slightly longer to do, as the bobble might end up being more complicated. (This has no bearing on the previous five month wait the last bobble round people had to wait. I take complete blame for that. Hence the bobbles sent out um, generally exceeded the $ amount people requested. I felt it was the least I could do.)

ANYWAY, are people still interested in doing bobbles?

For those new to this journal, 'bobbles' are pieces of jewelry handmade/designed by me. You, as the recipient, give me a $ amount and prompt to work with, and in a few weeks you receive whatever your prompt inspired me to make in the mail. It can be vague (ex: "winter snowberries") or more specific (ex: "earrings, long, black and white and red all over"). Sometimes people will give me a prompt and a choice (bracelet or earrings, etc). You can find past examples here, and in yesterday's posts.

Open to anyone on the planet, wherever you live. Price of shipping will be deducted from your bobble $ amount, so international bobble recipients might keep that in mind. (US shipping is generally under $2, but international is often $5-6, or has been so far.) For those new, I take pride in making the best jewelry I possibly can - even a $10 bobble will use the best materials, no plated metals here. I use argentium silver (like sterling, but doesn't tarnish - ever!) and gold-fill exclusively, and stones hand picked by me.

As with previous bobble rounds, I'm going to limit the participants to 8. That seems to be a good number.

Also, I promise to be more timely this time around. Barring unforeseen medical issues (hopefully we got all those out of the way in 2007.)
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Hmm, in computer news, my husband transferred his iTunes library and playlists easily - copied his iTunes folder from one computer to the other, and poof!  He opened iTunes, it updated his library, and lo, there was all his stuff.

I did exactly the same thing for mine, and iTunes didn't see the library.  So I told it to find the library, and it copied all my songs and podcasts, but none of my playlists.  Arrrrrgh!

In less frustrating news, [profile] shadawyn got her bobble today, so I can post a pic.

Her prompt was "everything goes with purple":

 Very long and dangly, these earrings have beautiful amethyst drops, and amethyst, peridot, and lemon quartz rondelles/accent stones.
ETA: Since [personal profile] siryn99 got hers as well, her prompt was "punk rock star, black and silver":

The chain in th back is adjustable from 17-19 inches in length, and the clasp (which you can't see) is handmade.  I admit I struggled a bit with this one - my punk experience is limited to being a child of the eighties, but chainmaille seemed appropriate.  The rondelles are onyx, and the entire necklace is argentium silver.
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Well, five bobbles down, three more to go. Some have even begun arriving at their new homes already, and as they do, I'll be posting pics. A reminder, all bobbles are made with argentium silver rather than sterling, and as such, will not tarnish. They will, however, grow dirty and dull as with all other jewelry, if not occasionally cleaned.

[ profile] kistha's prompt was "Crescent moon (preferably with points up/left), ice blue, silver grey, war."

Pics behind the cut )

Feel free to comment without fear of buying - only way to purchase is to send me an e-mail.
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As the bobbles start shipping tomorrow, I want to remind recipients that I put a little extra into this batch due to my super lateness getting them done and out the door.

Not all the bobbles will be going out tomorrow, but I expect the last to be shipped this coming Monday. I'll of course post when they're all in the mail, so people can expect them. And once all the recipients have received them, I'll post pictures with the prompts that inspired them.

I also have a couple of new pieces that are NOT bobbles I've been working on, and I hope to have them done and photographed soon.
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Before I begin other topics, a quick note on the bobbles - I did indeed work on them this weekend!  Several are now in half finished form.  Why are they only half finished, you ask?  Well, that would be because two full ounces of 26 gauge wire seem to have vanished from my home!  I tore my house apart looking for that missing spool Saturday night,and somehow, it is just not there!  I know I haven't used it all.  In fact, I've barely cut into it since I received it a couple of months ago.  But...GONE!  And so is the score to 300 we bought last weekend.  We listened to it on the way home, brought it into the house, and now it, too, is missing.  And we have searched EVERYWHERE!

My husband is using these vanished items as an excuse to say we have too much clutter and we need to get rid of some.  I say it's not that we have too much clutter - we have too small of a house to fit all of our stuff! 

Anyway, since approximately $45-50 worth of wire in the exact gauge I need is mysteriously gone, I have to place an order with Rio today to get more, in order to finish said bobbles.  (I've got the first four in "almost complete" forms at the moment.)  I'll do second day shipping, so it'll probably arrive on my doorstep Wednesday.  Though I don't think I'll get the opportunity to apply it until maybe Sunday, but probably more like Monday - I'm going to Faerie Con west in Eugene this weekend, so I won't be around much post-Friday afternoon.  I'm hoping from Wed-Friday to finish at least one, possibly two of the half done bobbles, which is why I'm spending the extra couple bucks on second day air. 

Or, hey, maybe that spool will mysteriously turn up, like the socks that vanish from the dryer sometimes do!  I can dream.  I'm so bummed that it's just frelling gone.  It was such a nice, big, pretty spool.  Over a hundred feet of wire. :(  Ok, ok, I'll stop whining.  I apologize that this bobble round is taking a wee bit longer than last time.  Rest assured, I'm working on them, and the bobbles are in process.  I was hoping to have some finished, photographed, and mailed at this point, but...the best laid plans.

So, since I couldn't photograph any jewelry, I photographed that corset I finished, oh, three weeks ago, I think it was.  I've been meaning to take a pic since I did that last stitch, but I've been lazy.  L is currently working on piecing together her first corset (she's done bodices before, and they're quite similar, the way we do them, with the metal boning, etc.)  She was struggling with the grommets last night, so I'll be anxious to hear today how it came out.  She was very concerned about the size.  Corsets are impossible to truly tell how they'll fit until they're fully boned, grommeted, and laced on.  Since we're wearing our corsets to Faerie Con this weekend, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her - she doesn't have time to make another, if this one doesn't work! 

Mine, however, turned out much better than my last effort, sizing-wise.  I also finished the skirt that I'm going to wear with it.  And the drapy sleeve cuffs I'm making to match are in a half finished, almost-done state.  They'll only take about an hour of work to complete, so I'm really not worried. 

This isn't the best pic of the corset/skirt combo.  I had to lace myself up in the corset, so it's not really laced tight, it's just sort of on, which doesn't lend itself perfectly to the look of a corset, but hey, you'll get an idea.  Also, the pic didn't quite capture all the ruffles of my skirt (which was almost as much of a pain to make as the corset.)  Cutting that ruffled fabric and flat sewing it to the dupioni silk I used, then zigzagging all the edges, has taken me most of those three weeks since I finished the corset.  I had to do each panel separately, and when I did them, I had to make sure I had enough time to painstakingly lay out the ruffled fabric on top of the silk, cut it to shape, pin each ruffle in place, and sew.  So we're talking at least a couple of hours at a time, for each panel.  After that, sewing the skirt itself together was easy. 

I'm sure there's got to be some trick to working with ruffled fabric that I don't know.  I wish I did, because I suspect I did it the really hard way, but I'm still pleased with how the skirt turned out.  And it looks awesome with the corset.  I promise MUCH better pics when we're all laced up in our full regalia next weekend.  But for now,
Some notes about the corset itself:  My top layer of fabric is that gorgeous brocade I bought after the first corset I made was too big.  There are, total, 18 bones in this one - you can't even believe how much it pulls everything in when properly laced, which I stress again, it isn't, here.  And it's surprisingly comfortable.  The bones are sandwiched between two strong layers of twill, and then it's fully lined with some black satiny fabric I had.  L was complaining to me this weekend that corsets have a hella lot of steps, and they do.  That's why they're hard to make, really, because of the sheer number of steps/amount of work that goes into them.  But if you view it one step at a time when making them, it's not so bad. :-D

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So, last night was our weekly session of Really Bad Roleplay.  *sigh*  The things you do for friendship and the desperate hope for good roleplay. 

Anyway, to occupy myself during the three hours where I got to speak exactly twice, I worked on bobbles (Yay!).  This round is being somewhat slower than the last round, but I'm hoping to make a big push this weekend on them.  It was nice working wire again, with no pain from my wrist. :D

And then, when the jewelry stuff got put aside in the hope of actual dice rolling to occur (alas, there was just those two lines I got to speak), I ended up iconing two more of the characters in the pirate novel.  I already had the pics, so it was easier.  No searching and searching to find the perfect pic. 


Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:39 am
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So, there's been this really stressful work situation since last week, right before I left for AWW. I haven't blogged about it, and I'm not going to, because it's sort of confidential, but I will say this much: our entire facility has been put in a stand down until this is resolved, and in this case "resolved" means integrating all of our safety policies w/back east. Which is going to take months, not weeks. In the initial panic, I had an inbox full of requests and a voicemail full of "how do I find this?!" waiting for me yesterday. Yesterday sucked. It was not the best time for me to take two days off and go away, but I am sure glad I did! Then we had an all hands meeting yesterday afternoon designed to sooth ruffles feathers and ease the sense of blame and panic. Now everyone's in a holding pattern until we get some specific training next week, and suddenly, I have gone from having too many things all at once, to having nothing to do.

Nothing. Literally.

I think it's likely they'll give the feds a couple hours of leave this afternoon preceding the holiday, to help bolster moral, but whether or not they include us lowly contractors in that is yet to be determined - and sadly, not likely.

I have a point, I promise. And my point is, I'm bored. I could write. Or edit. But I'm kind of enjoying this self-imposed post-novel break. Just for a few days. I sent the novel out to betas yesterday, but I'm not expecting to hear back from anyone any time soon, and I'm not quite ready to plunge into the space pirates thing yet. Maybe by the end of the week.

I think it's time I did another round of bobbles. As with last time, I think I'm going to limit the number of requests, for the moment, to seven. If I fullfill those in a timely enough fashion, I may open them up for a couple of more.

A quickie review of the rules:

~ You give me a prompt, like the ones listed in the linked entry ('spring pendant', 'blue, green, ocean', etc) and a $ amount ranging from $10 to $25. You pay this amount to cover the cost of materials I will use in your bobble and postage, either via check or paypal, and send me your snail mail address. In a few days, or a week (or a little longer - this round may take me a bit more time than the last, depending on how my schedule goes, but I will work on the bobbles until they are all done, and keep everyone informed on progress through posts here) you'll receive your bobble in the mail, a fun little surprise. If you have a more specific request than just a prompt, you can e-mail me and we'll chat about how doable it is. For the most part, though, I'd like prompts. They help kick start my creativity. :)

Bobble slots are filled on a first commented, first taken basis.

ETA: Five of the seven slots have been taken. Two more left.

([personal profile] xlana and [personal profile] kistha, you two are already counted.  [personal profile] xlana, I remember your prompt, and [personal profile] kistha, you can tell me yours whenever, e-mail, phone call, whatever works.)
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Now that all the bobbles are in the hands of their intended recipients, I can finally post pics of them!  (Ok, I'm 90% certain they are in the hands of all their recipients.  [personal profile] celli, if for some reason you haven't yet received yours, send me an e-mail to let me know and I'll investigate.  I mailed them a week ago, so the post master has no good excuse not to have delivered them.)  I

Warning: this post is going to be highly picture intensive.  There's no way around that, with five bobbles x 2-3 pics apiece.  I'll make liberal use of the LJ cut, though.

xlana )

kistha )

**[personal profile] celli, if you haven't yet received yours through some quirk of the postal system, feel free to scroll past and wait to see your bobble in person.**

celli )

And that's all the bobbles in this round.  Look for me to offer this again in a few months. :)

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I have finished the first bobble - actually, I probably would have gotten a good start on the second, but cleaning the kitchen intervened.  I'll get the first photographed today, then off in the mail it goes.  I'm actually pretty pleased with how it came out - hopefully the recipient will be as well. :)

There are still slots for four more bobble requests, FYI.

Yesterday, my friend L peppered my inbox with images that someone had dressed up with funny catchphrases relevant to roleplay.  I burst out laughing several times, garnering me strange glances from my co-workers.  The best of the bunch (highly image intensive, but worth it):


Apr. 11th, 2007 05:25 pm
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All right, [personal profile] xlana is the first to make a bobble request!  Her prompt was "pretty spring pendant".  :)

I think I'm going to limit the number of bobbles to seven for this go round (if that many people even want to participate) so I still have time to work on inventory items in between bobble items.  I'll take photos of each bobble before popping it in the mail to wing off to its recipient, but I won't post any pics until all requested bobbles are done and with their owners.  If you want a bobble, leave your prompt here in a comment, and then e-mail me at suliabryon at gmail dot com with your snail mail address and the amount of $ you'd like your bobble to be made from.  I'm going to request people don't go less than $5 (because I don't think I could make something reasonable for less than that) and more than, say, $25, because these are supposed to be inexpensive and fun.  I will then e-mail you back with the info you'll need to pay for your bobble, either via snail mail or paypal, as per your preference. 

I think that covers everything.  *rubs hands together*

I'm betting this will give the creative muse a nice kick start, just like writing drabbles does. 
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Yikes, you guys have been prolific in the last twelve hours! 

So, on a different note entirely, I'm thinking about doing something kind of like writing drabbles, only with jewelry.  Where people could leave a couple of "prompts", like "crystals, bracelet" or "blue, pendant" or some such, and I make a pendant just for them that incorporates blue.  It could be literally any design I choose - chainmaille, wire wrapping, a single stone, or a bunch of crystals - so they're still going to be surprised by whatever it ends up being.  And the catch is, people would have to pay for the materials involved - I couldn't afford to make five jewelry bobbles at $20 in materials apiece, for instance.  Which is sort of what I'm thinking.  Like, you would leave a bobble prompt and pay for the materials involved, the "cost" being completely up to you depending on how involved you'd like your piece to be, (but i'm thinking a $5-$20-ish range) and I guarantee I'll use at least that amount worth of stuff in the making of your bobble.  Or maybe that amount minus $2 for shipping or something...anyway, you get the idea.

Thoughts?  Anything to add or suggest?  Would anyone be interested in that?  These would be pretty simple things - no masks or crowns, LOL - but stuff that would only take me an hour to a couple of hours, tops, to make.  It just seems like something fun to me - I donate my time and skill, you get a neat surprise in the mail.  :D


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