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So, I didn't sign up for yuletide or any other fanfic secret santa things this year, as rewrites for Nemesis take first priority. But the last couple of days of writing have told me I need a wee break. Just a tiny dip into something I don't have to think about quite so hard, something light and fun and frivolous. It's been too long since I wrote something like that.

So, I'm planning on doing a couple of drabbles. Any requests? Could be holiday-centric, or not. Any fandom you know I like, even if I've never written for it before. A prompt or three might be nice, too, as I generally love working with those. You can find my previous drabbles (some *cough*longer than others*cough*) by clicking on the drabble tag in my sidebar.
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So, this is a drabble for [profile] gabby_silang, who stumped me with a line from my own fic, then requested: Iron Man, Pepper Potts taking a moment for herself.

And yeah, this was so going to turn out differently.  I meant for Pepper to take her moment for herself in the beginning of this drabble, but she flatly refused.  So, yeah.  More stuff happened, and about two thousand words later, Pepper finally fulfills the drabble request.  Sort of. 

Gabby, hope you like this despite that.  That Pepper, she's a stubborn woman. ;)

Fic: Beneath the Surface
Author: Rhien Elleth
Pairing: Tony/Pepper
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2600 words

This is un-beta'd, being a drabble.  Any errors are mine.

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Some old, pre-tags links that may interest a few of you.  ([personal profile] kistha, I know these were before we "met" so I am at least in part particularly thinking of you;)  I'm also posting these in one post, so I hopefully won't lose track of them all (again)! 

These are some of my Illusions-verse related drabbles and things.  I stumbled across a couple of these whilst searching for a copy of Shadows I can reference at work (alas, not to be found.  Anyone got a word doc of it they can send me?  I can't risk browsing an internet version.) 

Heck, I didn't even remember writing one of these!  Anyway:

~ A Jack-centric drabble fic, written as a Secret Santa fic in 2004

~ An interview with my Sark, questions by [profile] rez_lo.

~ another, older Secret Santa drabble, Sark POV.

These make me wonder if I've written other drabble-type things I've forgotten.  LOL.

Oh, and to prove I'm still working on it, a snippet from the post-Shadows epilogue fic, tentatively titled Return:

*snippet* )


Apr. 12th, 2007 02:07 pm
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So, I've got three or four scenes done for this Rogue/Gambit fic, but they're all kind of jumbled and out of order, and there are huge gaps in between.  (To give you an example, the fic starts a few months post-X3, when Rogue has never even heard of Carol Danvers or Gambit, and then there's a scene with Carol, where she kills her, and a scene later with Gambit, where...well, I'll just post it, shall I?)

My point is, who knows if/when I'll ever really finish this thing.  I want to, but there's so much happening in it that the scope is more words than I can commit to with a non-fic WIP hanging over my head.  So, I'm at least going to post the Rogue/Gambit scene as a drabble.  Then it's almost like I've actually finished something, right?  Someday maybe it'll get posted again, as part of the completed fic.

X-men movie-verse
rating: not as M as later scenes will be

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Drabble - yeah, right! 

Fine, I give up.  All of you who read the first drabble, only to ask "But where's the sex??"  Well, here it is!  You all made me feel guilty for teasing you, you smut hounds!

So, yeah, this one's NC-17.  And not really a drabble, since it's almost 2500 words.  And un-beta'd since technically it's just a drabble!).  I proofread it, obviously, but sometimes I miss things.  hopefully nothing too bad. 

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This is sort of filling two requests.  [personal profile] stephdub and [profile] kismeteve both wanted Bones.

Booth/Brennan - Rain, Chinese food, and reruns of TV shows were the prompts, but I skewed that last request slightly.  And I was going to work fandom in there, [personal profile] stephdub, but it just didn't quite fit.  Still, Brennan at least questions the validity of Star Wars, so that's something, at any rate. :)  Maybe I'll do another drabble later, after seeing tonight's ep.

Bones, 750 words.

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See, this time it's only 500 words, or a little over.  Drabbles aren't so tough!

This one's for [personal profile] sarkastic, who requested  SGA, John, inspired by the line "I mean, maybe I am crazy. I mean, maybe. But if this is all there is, then I don't want to be sane." from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

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Oh, Sarkney, how easy you are to write!

Drabble for [profile] storydivagirl, Syd/Sark  "There are days when it's really hard not to kill you."

I suck at drabbles, by the way.  At over 2,000 words I had to remind myself this was only a drabble and STOP WRITING.  Because I have four more to write, damn it. 

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Because I am now and always have been obsessed with Sark, and I am surely going to hell for writing almost-porn at work -- it so easily could have gone that way, but I managed to control myself. My boss's boss is in the office today, so I need to be at least a little careful. ;)

Not really a drabble because it's too long to qualify, but more of a ficlet.

Sark and Rachel, post Bob - spoilers for Bob - 1400 words )
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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_rebel gave me this picture as a prompt which I could use as either a setting, or a mood or a feeling. I chose mood or feeling, and for some reason the picture, which is beautiful, had a very dark, somber feel to it for me. Hence a rather dark and somber Sark. Though maybe "disturbing" is a better word.

I should warn the faint of heart -- this is a dark drabble fic. If you're easily squeamish you may not want to read. And, er...sorry?

Sark somber and dark - set during his CIA incarceration - 923 words )
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{{HUGS}} to everyone who commented on the last drabble. It was fun, short, and sweet. :) See? I can write drabbles occassionally. (Isn't a drabble something like less than 500 words? I don't know. I'm not good at writing less than a couple thousand words, usually.)

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa requested one of the following:

"Jet-lag from hell's gotta be... jet-lag from hell"
--Anya, BtVS
keywords: haze, twig, scar
setting: an Austrian village

Me being me, I decided to use all three. Sort of.

Sark in Austria, jet-lagged - sometime before the end of Season 1 - 626 words )


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