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So, since I really want to get back involved in fannish things, I figure I better post what I actually watch, am interested in checking out, and *what I used to watch but might have waning interest in, meaning it still records, but I may or may not get to those episodes, and it may eventually be removed from the season pass list.

Once Upon a Time

Castle* -(Depending on how they pick up after that disappointing finale last season, this show is on thin ice.)
The Originals
Sleepy Hollow
The Blacklist - (catching up on S1 via Netflix)

Marvel's Agents of Shield
NCIS: New Orleans
The Flash*

Criminal Minds
The 100

How to Get Away with Murder
The Vampire Diaries*
Bones* - (Already removed. Last season was it for me.)

Star Wars Rebels - (bolded because this isn't even a question. If it as half as good a TCW, it will be awesome.)


Legend of Korra
Game of Thrones
(on DVD)
Rizzoli & Isles

So yeah, that's pretty much it. My favorites at the moment tend to be Agents of Shield, Legend of Korra, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, Criminal Minds, and Outlander (yes, I am a HUGE fan of the books!) But who knows what the new season will bring?

I also watch a few half our comedies with the husband, but those never strike me very fannishly, so I rarely talk about them. :)

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So far, the third season of Dexter is just as engrossing as the first two. I guess I keep waiting for them to "mess up" and try to "fix" him (at which point, I would stop watching disgustedly.) I mean, it's pretty darn gutsy to make your MC a sociopath and a serial killer, but they did, and it actually works, but it would stop working if he suddenly started acting or reacting in a normal way, you know? They've established in S1 that although Dexter might not be capable of actually caring about someone, he will protect what's his, including his sister and (in S2) Rita and her kids.

But at the same time, Dexter stalls when it comes down to any sort of emotional response. He tries to figure out what the person in question is expecting as "normal" and then give them that, but he doesn't always succeed at faking it.

But don't threaten what belongs to him, ever, and especially don't threaten kids, and most especially not his kids. Dexter doesn't hurt kids, and he doesn't like the predators who do.

We finished S1 of Dollhouse, including the unaired final episode, Epitaph One. Which, WTF, FOX? Like, people cannot continue into S2 without the totally game changing events of Epitaph One, or they're really going to be hella cofused! What kind of decision was that, to not air it? Not everyone is going to buy or rent the DVD set just to see it, I'm guessing.

Trying to ascertain the reasoning behind that, I did some web surfing, and came across a sound bite from a FOX exec regarding the renewing of Dollhouse for a second season, that went something like "Well, I figured if we didn't renew it, I'd come in Monday morning to about ten billion e-mails from angry Joss fans, and I didn't want to deal with that, so - season 2!" HAHA! I'm sure more went into the decision than that, but it amuses me greatly, and is also very satisfying on some level, that fandom has made enough of a mark in the past (with Firefly no doubt, in this case) that an exec would even say something like that.

Now for some spoilers. )

Also, I'm catching up on Leverage in the evenings while I do my Wii Fit free run and free step. I find it delightful. :D
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Dude, I do not get it.  Where is all the Sarah/Derek?  Where is all the fic, heck, where are the videos, even??  There is more Cameron/Derek out there, which absolutely stuns me!  Okay, far be it from me to dog another ship - I often ship unpopular pairings myself - but really, i makes no sense to me that more C/D is being posted than S/D.  *grumbles*

I have no recourse but to work on my own fic, instead of reading someone else's.  It's Saturday night!  I've been drinking, people!  One should never try to write on three glasses of wine, as ecidenced by the sheer number of typing corrections I've had to make in the last paragraph alone!  Plus, my bluetooth mouse has mysteriously stopped working, leaving me to muddle along with my trackpad.

There is no justice, I tell you.

(On an unrelated note, I made out like a friggin' bandit at the bead show today.  Without realizing it, I slipped past the guards and into the wholesale only section, for which one is supposed to have permission or something.  Seriously, I had no idea until my friend Paula called me becuse she couldn't figure out where I'd disappeared to.  I never even saw the 'guards' posted, and no one said a word to me.  DUDE.  If not for the cat, I'd've spent much more.  Alas.)
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I don't mean my subject line to belittle anyone's panic, really.  It just popped into my head after a jaw dropping peruse of my f-list this morning. 

I do believe this...what did someone on my f-list call it?...the Great Fanpocalypse of 2007 (Sorry, I forget which of you coined that phrase - the f-list has been crazy this morning.) is not to be taken lightly.  Particularly as a writer, I disagree vehemently with censorship in pretty much all its forms.  Writing something that might depict disturbing or even illegal activities is not illegal, and should not be censored as though it were.

If that were the case, movies like Saw III would never get made.  You have no idea how much said movies turn my stomach, and I for one can't believe that anyone pays good money to see them, but again, they are fictional.  Does anyone believe that by making these movies, the people responsible are endorsing the actions of mass murder and torture? 

I think everyone who knows me already knows that the subjects in question are NOT interests of mine.  I am, in fact, bothered by them a great deal.  But I'm more bothered by the LJ team's response of arbitrarily, permanently deleting these journals without allowing those who run them/pay for them to mount any sort of explanation, or defense.

For the three of you reading this who have NO IDEA of what I speak, go here to read a much more detailed explanation of the situation that I can give - the short of it is, a concerned group has searched LJ interests for certain topics, and reported them to the LJ PTB, who's lawyers have then advised them that allowing journals with said interests listed to exist means they are condoning the crimes themselves.  My understanding is a bunch of Harry Potter fandom communities/journals have been deleted, as well as a Spanish discussion community of the classic literary novel, Lolita.


I am outraged, in the same way I am when I hear about a middle school banning Harry Potter, or I see that book burning scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

I get the sweep of paranoia, people backing up their journals in case something happens (um...is there an easy way to do that?), going 100% friends only, etc, etc.  I really do.  I get the "what's next?" worry - hey, I was on ff.net when they went "no mature fic" for some pretty similar reasons to why LJ's doing this.  I could see it possibly going that way, someday.  I hope not, but now the threat of it looms over all of fandom, as LJ is pretty much the central hub of fandom.  So I get the panic.

But I will absolutely not be going friends only because of this.  Or changing my interests (not that I have any listed that might get me banned, at the moment).  I do worry about some of my Supernatural peeps, cause I know Wincest is a big part of that fandom.  I'm making a personal choice, based on the fact that I will not bow to censorship, period.   If it comes to that, I'm outta here.  I'll find a less censorly minded journal site to journal on.  (Hopefully one with many of the same features LJ has.  Gosh, that's kinda scary.  I've gotten very comfortable here.)

I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it it does...maybe we should all be looking for the right LJ-alternative to bail to.  Which would really hit LJ hard, given how much of their clients are fandom. 

ETA: I really don't think it'll get to the extreme of bailing on LJ.  Apparently, LJ itself was unaware of the risks the 'interests' feature opened them up to until this group pointed them out.  And also, some of the comms shut down were actual comms for the interests in question, meaning not just fictional, fandom comms/journals were shut down, they were more like the collateral damage of the situation.  So, chances are reasonable this will blow over, and if you're worried, go through your interests and change any that deal with certain activities and children.  IF this sort of thing ever extends to other, legal mature content between consenting adults, then I'll revisit the above paragraphs.
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Why do I venture onto message boards and forums about my favorite shows, like ever??  Especially spoiler forums.  I have two questions:

How old are these people who frequent and post?


WTF, are they all blind and dumb?

So, I admit it.  My main reason for watching CSI: NY last season was shallow, in the form of the Danny/Lindsey moments every ep had that were flirtatious and fun.  And Without a Trace has made me fall in love with Danny (er...this is confusing.  Both shows have completely separate characters named Danny, for the uninitiated.  Though if you don't know that, I wonder why you're still reading this.)  I knew the moment they introduced her, that TPTB had plans for Elena and Danny - they made it pretty obvious, while only giving us tiny tidbits of their past all season.  And really, the show needed another character.  Six is better than five for an ensemble cast, and I rather like Elena.  She comes from a different [vice] background than her co-workers, and brings something new to the table. 

So, is it any big secret that these two pairings have canon support?  Danny/Lindsey and Danny/Elena, respectively?  Is it any secret that, even without the benefit of any spoilers, one can assume the shows will continue on the paths to these pairings in the new seasons?  No, it's not.  But damn, I feel sorry for anyone who posts on a spoiler board expressing hope and/or glee at the idea of either one happening.  Cause suddenly there are twenty people flaming them and saying things like "OMG, I can't believe anyone likes this pairing, I will HATE this show if TPTB bring this about and stop watching 4ever, and I will buy voodoo dolls of the show execs and stab them repeatedly if they are so stupid as to go ahead with this.  Elena/Lindsey (<-take your pick) sucks and I hate her, OMG, how dare she go after the hotness that is Danny, there is NO CHEMISTRY between them and I wanna puke every time they're on screen together.  Blah, blah, blah [insert more hateful spewage here]." 

OMG, pages and pages of it!  That, if you want to read any actual spoilers, you have to sift through to find the goods.  It made me run for the hills with my back browser button, never to return.  Do these psychotic fangirls automatically hate any female character who dares show an interest in "their" man?  Good grief, get a life.  I didn't particularly care for Syd/Vaughn in the Alias days, but even I could see that it was definitely happening halfway through the first season.  And it wasn't that the actors didn't have chemistry.  It was the heavy handed approach the show took with the pairing, making their love oh-so-pure, and then daring to compare it to the perfection that was Jack/Irina.  There was no tension, and tension makes the shipper world go round, yo. 

Which, btw, Danny/Lindsey and Danny/Elena have!  There is chemistry and tension!  Just because it is not sloppy puppy eyes and little floating hearts, half the population of a message board which shall-not-be-named seems doomed to blindness and idiocy!

Case in point, the season finale of WaT:

(After a gunman shoots up the FBI office and kidnaps a fellow agent, Ann)
Danny (to Elena ): "I'm glad you're ok."
Elena: "Ann's the one you should be worried about."
Danny: "I can worry about more than one person at the same time, Elena."

I mean, hello!  This is a classic example of great romantic tension between characters.  A similar conversation between Sydney and Vaughn would have gone something like this:

Vaughn: "Syd, I'm so glad you're ok!"
Sydney, tearfully: "Oh, God Vaughn, me too!"
(They hug joyfully while Sydney cries, because she always cried whenever they hugged.)

OMG, I must go scrub out my eyes, now.
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Finally, the Fall season is getting ready to start in full force.  I know we've had new shows already, and some old shows return with new eps, a smattering here and there, but by the end of the month, we'll have our entire 2006 Season up and running (with the exception of a couple of late bloomers in October). 

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I have a kink in my neck today, really, really bad.  As in, I can't turn my head to the right at all without severe pain.  It's obnoxious and distracting, and my massage therapist is not working right now because she had a baby two weeks ago. 

Ok, enough whining.  Fannish stuff:

~ I have yet to watch a single episode of Prison Break so far this season, because at the end of last season, my Tivo screwed up and didn't get the last two episodes, and then when I d/led them, they weren't in the correct format to watch - which would still have sucked, since Mark and I actually watch this show together, and watching on an itty bitty computer screen in our dungeon office would not have been the ideal watching scenario.  And then the stupid network never re-aired them!  Bastards.  So, now the DVDs are out, but I don't think I want to actually own this show, and our local video store doesn't carry much in the way of TV seasons. 

I suppose I could Netflix the last disc and move it to the top of my queue.  I'm just...almost ambivalent about it, now.  I've spent all summer not knowing how last season ended, and I'm not sure I can work up the enthusiasm to find out, even though the Tivo is faithfully recording S2. 

I guess this is still sort of whining.  Ah, well.

~ I have yet to see a single promo for The Dresden Files, even though I watch SFICI Friday, and everyone else in my entire family has, including my Aunt and Uncle who don't like BSG and only watch SG-1!  That must be my problem.  I don't watch SG-1, just SGA and BSG.

~ I really, really wanted to like Vanished.  It has too-pretty-for-words Gale Harold.  Matt Cutter (Sheena) as the Senator, in an actually decent acting role.  A friend of mine on the writing staff.  (Though to be fair to him, I'm pretty sure he didn't come on board until after the first few episodes.)  But...I don't know.  It could be too much conspiracy, too soon.  It could be I absolutely can't stand the reporter character.  Not enough cast chemistry.  I don't know, but this show just isn't doing it for me.  I'll keep watching for a few more episodes out of friendship and loyalty, and the hope that it will improve.  (Plus, Gale isn't tough to look at.)  But I'm guessing it won't be very hard to switch to Heroes when that starts airing later this month.

~ My friend L has decided she's going to watch three shows every week this year.  She hasn't stuck with anything since the days of Buffy and Angel.  I have gotten her hooked on BSG via my DVDs and the Tivo, so that will be one of her shows.  And she's going to watch Heroes cause my excitement for this show is contagious, and she trusts my judgement.  She wants me to rec one more show to her.  How, I ask you, can I pick just one?  It has to be something that airs at 9pm, cause her son is still up at 8 (though I suppose he could play in his room for that last half hour), and 10 is too late in the evening for her.  I'm currently mulling over NCIS, and Bones, both of which, ironically, air at 8pm.  It can't be anything too gory, ie CSI or House.

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From a quick perusal of the f-list:

How glad am I that I was never a part of the HP Fandom? Oh yes, very glad, indeed. Of course, I would never have lasted through all that. I stopped going to various BSG message boards before S1 even aired due to wank that was no where near as bad. There just isn't enough time in my day to put up with shit like that. Fandom should be fun, without useless she said/she said arguments, shipper and/or flame wars, and trolling.

I'm sure this kind of insanity wasn't limited to HP fandom, though. I just don't remember Alias being like that back in the day, even at the height of S/V shippers vs. S/anybody else (Sark) shippers. Maybe I didn't go to the right boards. The height of that fandom was starting to fade about the time we all switched over to LJ from our various blogs. I vaguely remember some psychotically obsessed S/V shipper from some boards somewhere (TWoP? SD-6?) coming up in conversation occassionally, but that's about it. Of course, the boards I hung out at were Modded by fellow Sarkney and/or non-Vaughn lovers like myself (ah, [profile] mspooh, [profile] ageofaquarius, [personal profile] trixalicious, [personal profile] rach, [personal profile] gabbysilang, [profile] randomeliza -- those were the days, weren't they?)

I am just grateful that if such wank existed in my first real fandom, I was unaware of it. Now we are all so diversified, with so many fandoms, it's all very different. Still fun, but different.

ETA: Is it just me, or is LJ's new "user friendly" interface still frakking buggy?  Whenever I insert a username, it wants to inlcude everything I type after in said username, and when I 'switch' to plain text mode to fix it, LJ inserts all these random html tags that show up in the text when I post, and deletes my paragraph formatting.  User friendly, my ass!  I want the only interface back.  Yes, you had to exert some effort with a teeny bit of html knowledge, but dude, so much more reliable and user frakking friendly.
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This is a great thing we have, this online anonymity that lets us be the biggest fangirly geeks ever, and SQUEE! about our favorite shows/characters in fan-geeky togetherness, and write and read tons of fic about those self-same shows/characters (that may or may not be p0rn, but usually is). 

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So, I signed up for the remix redux, where you get to remix someone's else's story in your favorite fandom and vice versa. I've wanted to do this since I first heard about it almost a year ago, but now I'm kind of nervous.

~ They don't assign by pairing, so even though I write Syd/Sark, I could just as easily get assigned someone who writes exclusively Syd/Vaughn, or (and this is my real fear) Vaughn/Sark or some other slash pairing! They go completely on fandom, so now I'm a little nervous. And what if someone gets my stories who hates Sarkney? Eek.

~ I need to write more fic in other fandoms. You have to have a minimum of three stories in a fandom to be eligible for remix, and I have only Alias, and then a scattering of one story in this fandom, one story in that fandom... I have no one to blame but myself.

So, fingers crossed that I get assigned someone with a fic pairing I can handle, and that whoever gets assigned me won't hate Syd/Sark.
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While browsing LJ (What? I'm being productive, too. Mostly.) I came across the link to google's scary new blog search page and punched in my user name, just to see. Strangely (and to my relief), it only pulled up two entries from my own journal, both fic related, and two entries from others' journals, one of whom is on my f-list, the other...

An LJ user I'm unfamiliar with, but who apparently recc'd Illusions back in March of this year. Or at least linked it. I don't know exactly what she said about it, because all her entries are in another language. I have no idea what language, maybe Russian? As in:

Однако, не смотря на вышеописанные трудности, сделала пару коллажей-манипуляций. По идее оба к фикам. К 'Weapons' Kantayra и 'Illusions Series' Rhien Elleth соответственно. Второй арт не показывала еще никому и не уверена, что стану. Билась над ним две ночи. Три раза переделывала. Все равно в нем что-то не так. Но больше переделывать не буду, пока окончательно его не возненавидела.

Wow. I don't know why this surprises me so much. I know people find each other in fandom from all over the world. I just feel like...dude, Illusions has crossed the language barrier, or the ocean, or something. To link it, she must have either loved it or hated it, either of which is a strong gut reaction. :)

ETA: Apparently the entry was in relation to this manip, which is an awesome Syd/Sark manip, if you ask me, and both it and the entry in question are by [livejournal.com profile] _marvelgirl_.

LJ makes the world a smaller place. :)
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My Mom's in town, and we're going to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith together tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited!

Also, I've written on All the Stars Asunder, my Tyr/Beka Andromeda fic for the first time in...years? I went and read episode recaps to remind myself of show canon, and then got disgusted when reading about the exit of Tyr's character. I'd forgotten how much that pissed me off when it happened.

That's ok, because in my little world, that never happened, and I'm going to finish the fic anyway. Unfinished WIP's bug me.

Also, I hunted up some Dr. Who fic tonight, but have yet to find anything really great. Recs, anyone?

By the by, I've never previously encountered this, but I've decided it is now a pet peeve of mine when reading fic to have the author's intro read something like this:

Note: Ugh. I hate this fic.

WTF? You wrote the fic, but you hate it. Why are you posting it, then? If you, the author, hate it, why the hell should I waste my time reading it?

You know why I write fic? Because something essential is missing for me from the show, movie, book, whatever I'm writing fic about. I write it because it's what I want to see or read. And when I'm done, I love it. Because it's exactly what I wanted it to be. Maybe time passes and when I go back and read it, I notice mistakes or sentences I wish I could re-word, but I never hate anything I post. Sure, I've written things I don't particularly like -- do you think I show them to anyone?? No! Come on. Nervousness or modesty is fine, but please don't ever preface a work you're posting for public consumption with "I wrote this, and I hate it." or "I don't know why I wrote this piece of drivel."

Because I don't know why I should read it then, either.


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