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I just pre-ordered the Inquisition edition. This game better be awesome, Bioware! (The lady at Gamestop saw me walk in and said "You're here for the Inquisition Edition, aren't you? I knew you were going to get one!" It's like they know me there.)

Anyway. I will post pics of the Tarot cards when I get them if anyone is interested.
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Bioware has announced the Inquisitor's Edition of DAI. I must admit, there is some cool stuff there. Maybe not $170 cool, but cool.

Although, does anyone else think a Tarot deck of Dragon Age mythology would be one dark deck? Like every reading with it would be depressing as hell. 
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 ~ I have to say, unfortunately there is more in Dragon Age 2 that I am disappointed in than happy with. I'm still glad I bought and played the game, but DA:O was all around better, despite the improvements in combat, graphics, and other game play features. I really feel they cut some corners to shove the game out the door a year after the first one, and I wish they'd taken the time to do it right. DA3 may not be on my "to buy" list if they don't do it right.

On the other hand, they appear to have taken the proper time for Mass Effect 3 (two years between games) and I am both nervous and terribly excited for it. WE SHALL SEE, BIOWARE!


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Mar. 28th, 2011 07:27 pm
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 Hello everyone!

Things Rhien has been doing lately - 

~ Disneyland! We went for a week with some friends. Overall, a great trip. It rained, though, for most of the time. Our first day there, it rained sideways, and that night there was us, many rain-drenched cast members, and maybe 150 other brave souls in the park. We walked onto Space Mountain. At Pirates, they told us if we wanted to ride again, we could just stay in the boat. It was amazing! Somewhere, we have a picture of main street with no one there.

Also, we saw a REALLY AWESOME Pirates: On Stranger Tides sneak peek on our last night there. They had a really amazingly good Jack Sparrow we weren't allowed to interact with, which made me almost cry. When asked if he was going to be out in the park at all, a cast member told us he would be, starting this weekend (after we were already gone), through the release of the movie.

Sadly, we had to leave before that was going to happen. :( 

But, did I mention the AWESOME Pirates preview? It was awesomesauce. Ian McShane is going to be an amazing Blackbeard!

Also, we are now Disney pin collectors. I won't tell you how much we spent on pins. Because it's kind of embarrassing! I am sad that we had to leave before we could find and trade for all of the sets we wanted to complete, since it'll be a few years before we get back. Alas! (Did I mention the Jack Sparrow I will never get to meet?  *sad face*)

The ElecTRONica rave thing they put on at California Adventures was also awesomesauce! Members of our party alternately danced, played classic arcade games in Flynn's Arcade, or purchased and consumed glowing mojitos to drink (they were heavy on the rum, and came in glowing glasses! Actually, it was a glowing fake ice cube. I still have mine!)

World of Color was fantastic. Well worth the price of admission, so to speak.

~ Dragon Age 2

WTF game??  OMG, talk about traumatizing! I played last night, and I cannot believe <<spoilers>> ) Wait, it's Bioware, I can totally believe it!  Still, if this is midway through the game, I'm afraid of what I'll have to deal with at the end!  

Party banter continues to win, btw. I may play this game through a second time, just to see what other party configurations give me.

~ Pirates!

Yes, I got lots of nefarious ideas while in Disney, because it was a lot of pirate thinking time for me.  I wrote today, and will continue writing until the rewrite is finished. Also, the villain is way more evil now, which makes me happy. Although I kind of don't want to kill her off. I'm not going to in this book, I don't think. We'll see when I get to the end. 

~ Back to Dragon Age 2

Seriously, Bioware, WTF?  Do you guys lie awake at night and think "Now what can we do in this game to TOTALLY TRAUMATIZE THE PLAYER?"  Yes, I think you do! You are making me afraid for Mass Effect 3!
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 I'm putting off the eight page paper I have to finish by tomorrow night by tooling around the Dragon Age forums, because the game comes out Tuesday morning (or Monday night, in places with midnight launch), and everyone else must be doing the same thing, because the boards have gone down, either for "routine maintenance" or "extreme load". I know which one I'm betting on. (Besides, I refuse to believe that Bioware would schedule routine maintenance this close to a major launch.)

Now I have nothing to obsess over! :( Although, it's probably for the best. Asshats who have pirated the game early are posting stupid spoilers all over the place, and I'd prefer not to be spoiled.

*reluctantly opens draft of paper*

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~ Inon Zur did the music again, and you can tell from the very first notes in the opening.  I am so glad I pre-ordered the edition that comes with the soundtrack as a bonus!  DA2 had me at the music, really.  :)

~ The graphics are a vast, vast improvement over DA.  When the first scene started, I just sat there grinning and admiring!  The default female Hawke is actually pretty, and the clothing models are a huge upgrade, at least color palette-wise, from DA.

~ The combat is fantastic!  I played a rogue in the original DA (well, for my main play through), largely because the other rogues in the game sucked at opening locks, so I decided to do it all myself.  Seriously, not a whole lot else to differentiate a rogue from a fighter, then.  Now?  Well, my little rogue is flashing all over the field, doing backstab's, cool tumbling evasions, and awesome sweeps that knock all of her opponents down.  The evasion trick is really nice, flipping away from the combat and getting a fresh angle to attack, and the backstab is literally "appear behind them and stab" for awesome critical damage.  I may have to play through with the other two classes, just to see what the combat is like for them, but right now, I'm pretty sure I want to keep my rogue class from the first game.

~ Conversation - very much in the ME2 style, and I like it.  It's so much nicer having my character actually speak!  

~ Um, not a lot else to say yet.  I got stuck on a part, and as far as I can tell you can't save during the demo.  Sadly, I ran out of time to play and had to put it aside, so I may have to come back and start all over later.

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Newest J.D. Robb, Treachery in Death = purchased and downloaded.

Newest Kim Harrison, Pale Demon = also purchased and downloaded. 

Dragon Age II demo = downloading as I type.

Plus, I am sipping my coffee and still in my pajamas.  How I love thee, technology!

ETA: although, DA2 is taking forever to download!  *sigh*
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 I don't like resolutions, as most often they seem doomed to failure.  I will say writing on the book continues apace, and leave it at that.

I also don't particularly care to look back on 2010.  It did seem mildly better than 2009, or 2008, or 2007, a trio of years which in general, I can never, ever revisit, and be totally happy about.  But only mildly better.  We'll see what 2011 brings.

And with that in mind, have some things I'm looking forward to in the new year:

~ Finishing this (hopefully last full-fledged) rewrite of Nemesis!

~ Maybe writing some fic when I'm done, just for the sheer joy of writing something I'm not so completely obsessed with/invested in....right, who am I kidding?  That's why I write fic, too.  Ah, well.

~ An iPhone on Verizon at last!  Would Apple just announce the damn thing already?

~ More good times with friends.  I am lucky, and have some really freaking awesome friends.

~ Next season, on The Vampire Diaries...just in general, you know?  Also, several other shows I love.  But mostly that one.

~ Speaking of which, have some REALLY AWESOME TRAILERS for things coming out this year:

First up, of course, is the new, AMAZING looking trailer for POTC: On Stranger Tides.

Complete with an intro by the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow.  Words cannot express the amount of squee I felt in the theater when this trailer came up.  I'm pretty sure I left permanent finger imprints on my poor husband's arm, while whispering things like: "Jack!  Barbossa!  OMG, Jack's Dad!  OMG IAN MCSHANE IS PLAYING BLACKBEARD!!"  I must have made someone in the universe very happy to give me such a lovely present.  Al Swearengen in playing Blackbeard the pirate!  AWESOME.  I can take or leave Penelope Cruz, really.  I actually don't normally like her movies at all.  But whatever.  Johnny Depp is one of those actors who can normally have chemistry with a rock, so I'm not too worried.  

Next, we have a couple of game trailers.  Because it's me, and I get BOTH Dragon Age 2 AND Mass Effect 3 this year, OMG!!  (Although, it's very likely ME3 will actually end up with a release date in early 2012, but right now, they're saying December, so whatever.)  Great gaming year for Rhien. :D

And for a couple of other shiny pretties: The new, shiny unofficial trailer for Starz' new series Camelot (which is exactly the same as the official trailer, but without the annoying band of text through the center of the screen.)  

So much pretty, where to even begin??  Plus, I love all things Arthurian.  I've even written some fic in the past.  And it's the network responsible for the pretty, pretty show known as Spartacus.  I'm not really seeing any downside here!

And then there's A Game of Thrones on HBO.  SO MUCH angst and pretty in one place.  

So many entertaining things to look forward to this year!  Anyway, enjoy the trailers, and Happy New Year LJ!
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Because honestly, this stuff has to be the best written game dialogue EVER.

*Click* )
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~ You restarted after over twenty hours of play, because you found out you missed out on a major NPC, and even though you can totally complete all the quests without the dog, you want to know how he contributes to the overall party in NPC interactions.

(Note: it was totally worth it, just for the Morrigan half-eaten-rabbit-in-her-unmentionables accusation. Also, it was fun after knowing more about the game to pick my character "origin" more carefully.)

~ Playing for more than seven hours in a day has got to be some sort of warning sign, I'm sure. (I needed to get caught back up on my 26+ hours of storyline!)

~ When you're not playing the game, you're obsessively hanging out at the forums, hoping to catch postings of conversational bits you haven't/won't experience in game because of your party configuration choices.

~ You make a mistake and try to steal from the wrong person, failing; forty minutes later, this person accuses you of attempted theft and you realize your reputation with this particular group of people is totally shot. This bothers you enough that you go back and reload a save game from more than an hour ago, even though the loss of reputation will have no significant impact on A) your ability to complete any of the quests, or B) your own party's opinion of you.

(*sigh* I was just trying out the stupid skill; I'd been playing a rogue for over fifteen hours, and realized I hadn't even tried to pick a single pocket. Ooops.)

~ You are entirely too invested in the romantic dialogue between your PC and the assassin you've been flirting with. When unexpected, major cutscenes come up with too many dialogue choices, you agonize over every choice, and hope you won't lose any favor with him in the process, all while trying to decide if Kallian, your city elf PC, is finally over her tragic past enough that there's room for romance in her heart, beside the ever present thirst to avenge her family and people for centuries of pain, rape, and oppression.

~ You've played the game so much, when you sleep you dream about running around searching boxes and locked chests, and defeating darkspawn in combat, then looting their fallen corpses.

~ You are considering writing fanfic. (Shut up. The writing is good enough to suck you in completely, but limited by the actuality of being, you know, a game, instead of a book.)

And the number one way to know you're too invested:

~ When your husband's xbox has a critical hardware failure, and he reclaims "yours", ie, the "back up xbox" so he can keep playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (to be fair, until DA:O came out, I hardly ever used it), you decide to round up the old gamecube and every game or accessory you ever purchased for it, take it in to Game Stop and thrust two boxes of Stuff onto the beleagured employee who happened to ask to help you, all so you can use the trade credit (nearly $100 worth, as it turns out) to get your own xbox, and keep playing the game for the 3-4 weeks that MS will take to repair what will now be "the back up xbox".

Check. Entirely too invested, yep, that's me.
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So, remember how I talked about my NPCs having random conversations when they're put in a party together? It is seriously one of THE best aspects of Dragon Age. Not only is it unexpected, and beyond the player's control, but it's in character, it's their personalities and how they interact, and often, it's damn funny.

Not to mention, the voice actors do a really good job. Whenever my characters start to speak to one another, I stop the party so I can listen to the conversation (if you go through a door or something, it can interrupt these moments of sheer brilliance.)

Some favorite exchanges that made me laugh. )


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