Oct. 20th, 2009 09:42 am
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My iPod thinks it is currently playing the Rain Battle track from the score to The Greatest Game Ever Played. It is, in actuality, playing a track from The Postman. WTF?

Well, now that's over. Let's see what it plays when I select the score for Transformers.


Jun. 25th, 2009 09:50 am
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iTunes is making me very grumpy!

We ordered the new Steve Jablonsky score for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen from Amazon. Of course, as collectors we must own the actual physical CD.

Of course, as a collector and GINORMOUS fan of Transformers, movie scores, and Steve Jablonsky, Mark could not wait to get home from Japan and load the score onto his iTunes to put on his iPod. No, he ordered it again from iTunes, and downloaded it. Since our disc hasn't yet arrived, I thought this morning "well, I'll just download his purchase to MY itunes, and put it on my iPod today.

*kicks iTunes*

Sounds simple in theory. Not so much in practice. Since Mark can never remember my password, he created his own iTunes account. I logged in, and there is the score in question in his purchase history, but for the life of me, I could not get iTunes to d/l it without repurchasing the stupid thing. I am so NOT doing that! I wasted about twenty minutes this morning, trying to figure how to get it to work. I was late to work, and STILL do not have the new score to listen to.

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I'm writing, and listening to Artist->Hans Zimmer on my ipod.

He's done some fantastic scores. The various Pirates, Backdraft, The Rock.

And 'The Burning Bush' from Prince of Egypt still gives me chills every time I hear it.


Sep. 27th, 2008 08:15 pm
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Help me, oh f-list!

My un-computer savvy m-in-law is in search of some specific songs for a class she teaches.  I could d/l them from iTunes, but she needs to be able to use them, and she's...not iTunes savvy.  At all.

By David Cook:

"Time of My Life"
"Light On"
Billy Jean"

By David Archletta:

"This Moment"

And most difficult of all, the version of "Fever" by who knows what artist they've been playing with the 'Lipstick Jungle' promos.  Anyone?  I can't seem to track this one down.
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I listen to a lot of Bear McCreary when working on space pirates - it sets the right tone, and I LOVE his scorework for BSG. I just put him as an artist on shuffle and go. Sometimes I change it up by listening to the PotC scores, because, well...pirates! And sometimes I listen to one of my playlists, entitled "Sweeping and Epic" that has several tracks from favorite scores, including Bryan Tyler's Children of Dune, several Trevor Rabin tracks, and some LotR, among others.

But last night watching SCC, I kept hearing the music and thinking impatiently "When the heck is this finally going to be released? I need some SCC Bear McCreary to add to my writing music!"

I know a soundtrack CD is coming, but man, it's too long away yet.
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The score is so very worth owning. Also, did you know Angel has one out, too? Damn, wish I'd seen that when I ordered Buffy.

Score news

Sep. 9th, 2008 11:09 am
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They've finally released an actual score for Buffy, folks. Christopher Beck is the Emmy winning composer, and of course the disc starts out with that sequence from "Becoming". Highlights (for me) include two pieces from "Passion" including the haunting Remembering Jenny, and the Angel/Buffy theme featured in Moment of Happiness from "Innocence".

I of course ordered mine already. If I wasn't such a collector, I'd've done the mp3 download and then I'd already be listening to it, but no, I just had to have the actual disc, so I won't have my copy until Thursday evening. *sigh*
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You know, Nonpoint's version of In the Air Tonight off the Miami Vice soundtrack is almost as good as the original.  Maybe even slightly better.

Forgive me Phil Collins!

ETA: *slaps face*

I have that post-lunch falling-asleep-at-my-desk thing going on.  I've tried working on both the NaNo book and the Rogue fic drabble fic, and it turns out, writing whilst falling asleep at one's desk is very difficult.  I need fic interesting things to read.  Anything interesting and fun.
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Secret message to [profile] randomeliza - I am totally going to upload the expanded 2-disc score for Prince of Egypt for you this weekend!  I have not forgotten, I swear. 
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This latest chapter is on simmer, at the moment, before the next scene gets written.  Do things always get so complicated the closer to the end you get, or is that just me? 

So I'm filling time by posting to LJ. :D

The iPod's been playing quite a bit of SW III: Revenge of the Sith lately, and you know, I have to say I think it's some of the best stuff John Williams has ever written.  Especially all the tracks from Anakin's fall through the end of the movie.  Handicapped as the movie and story were by Lucas' directing, the music is what carries much of the emotional weight of the film.  Right now "Enter Lord Vader" is playing, for instance.  And there is something distinctly chilling about the rhythm of the section where Anakin is walking down the hall to kill all the trade federation guys who've been working with Palpatine.  Very much a track that introduces Vader as the quintessential villain.

And now it's playing "Anakin vs. Obi-Wan" - twinned with it's companion piece, "Battle of the Heroes", these are possibly the best tracks on the whole score.  They incorporate the classic Imperial March and elements from the masterpiece track "Duel of the Fates" from Episode I.  Without them, that final battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan wouldn't have been nearly as powerful.

"Anakin's Betrayal" is haunting, much more so musically than his turn in the movie manages to be.  (Don't get me started.)  So is what I consider a companion track, "Padme's Ruminations".  Beautiful, sad, truly epitomizing the moment where Anakin makes the wrong decision, and falls. 

"Anakin's Dark Deeds" - the track that plays while Obi-Wan and Yoda discover the truth of what their former pupil is capable of.  Where Obi-Wan proclaims he cannot hunt down his friend.  Where he sneaks onboard Padme's ship and hides, to do exactly that.  It ends with Anakin standing on a balcony after he's finished killing the Emperor's enemies, a single tear tracking down his face over what he's done, and become. Again, the music adds weight to the pivotal, climactic scenes Lucas has been building toward since he began his saga thirty years ago.

And let's talk about "A New Hope/End Credits", with Luke's theme from Ep 4 playing over a nearly identical scene involving the twin suns of Tatooine.  A wonderful, truly brilliant way to end the movie, tying it back to the original.  Then the End Credits takes pieces from each of the tracks mentioned above and weaves them seamlessly together with the more classic SW music.

I have, in case you haven't guessed, put the album on shuffle play on my iPod. :D 
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I can tell today is going to be one of those days when I spam you all with a bunch of posts.  Sorry.

Tracks my iPod has played so far today that move me:

I believe I've said it before, but it bears repeating - of all the tracks Howard Shore wrote for the LotR movies, Amon Hen is quite possibly my favorite.  It has so many of the main themes from throughout the rest of the score, and it has that heroic moment when Aragorn salutes the horde of oncoming Urukai before stepping forward and engaging them, and it has the death of Boromir, one of the more powerful scenes in the movies (that possibly effects me as much as it does because in the book, I strongly disliked his character, but in the movie, Sean Bean made me sympathize with Boromir and love him just a little bit, no mean feat.  His death actually makes me tear up.)

Inama Nushif from Bryan Tyler's Children of Dune is one of the single greatest pieces of scorework ever written.  Powerful, evocative, gorgeous.  Not to mention it utilizes a fictional language that I'm sure Tyler had to come up with how to pronounce, if he didn't make up some of the words.  (I'm not remembering how much of the Fremen language Herbert actually included in the books, offhand.)

You know, the score to Titanic really suffered from the unfortunate popularity of the Celine Dion version of the theme that got played ad nauseum in every shopping center in the world for months and months.  Not to mention the thousands of fangirls who bought the soundtrack and played it over and over again, making it one of the few movie scores to make mainstream bestseller album lists.  But none of that changes the fact that the score is, in fact, one of James Horner's most haunting pieces of work.  Rose is the beautiful piece of instrumental and voice score that the Dion song is based on, but IMO can't touch for sheer beauty. 

Hans Zimmer has produced, over the years, not only a large library of original score work that includes some of the my favorite all time scores ever, but also a large stable of new composers that he fosters, co-writes things with, boltsters their careers, etc.  They have a sound universally unique to their particular group, no doubt a result of having worked together often.  Mark and I can see a movie, and within the first few bars of music, know if it's someone else, or what we refer to as "a member of Zimmer's stable".  Trevor Rabin (Armaggedon, Bad Boys 2), Harry Gregson-Williams (Narnia) , Nick Glennie-Smith (The Rock), Klaus Badelt (PotC)...all have worked with or for Zimmer, and often still do.  A little known fact is that Nick Gelnnie-Smith wrote much of Gladiator, a score credited to Zimmer.  It's kind of like ghost writing a book - the production company wants a "name" for their score, but Zimmer can only do so many per year, and through him these guys newer to the game get the exposure they need to really break out on their own, like Trevor Rabin did. 

Anyway, that's a roundabout way of getting to the next piece of score on my list, The Prince of Egypt.  The vocal songs are powerful, but the score is one of the best Zimmer's ever done.  Two tracks never fail to bring chills up my spine when I hear them.  The Burning Bush and The Red Sea.  Zimmer truly captured the moment when God spoke to Moses, the kind of hushed awe of the scene, and then the powerful reprise when Moses parts the Red Sea...beautiful, beautiful work.  I forget how much I love these pieces until they come up on my iPod, and then I invariably end up listening to them on repeat.

Danny Elfman is one of the most diverse, talented composers working today.  I've loved his work unconditionally since Edward Scissorhands, a score that remians one of the favorites to this day.  In fact, my favorite Elfman track, despite my love for the Batman and Spider-man scores he did, is from that earlier work.  The Ice Dance.  Lovely, and like some works I mention above, haunting. 

That's it so far this morning, but I'm sure the iPod has yet more surpises in store to wow me with.  :)  If I wasn't at work, I'd post files of the songs I've listed to share.  Unfortunately, I can't transfer them from my iPod to my computer. 
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Why does iTunes fucking hate me??  Why, why, why??

I found the exact song I want to use, yet iTunes will not allow me to d/l it because it keeps breaking it's connection.  I ONLY NEED ONE LOUSY SONG!  I may order the entire album at some point, but I don't want to wait for it to arrive via mail, I want to d/l it to have for the game session on Sunday!  ARGGGHHH!

And I don't want to join some other music d/l site.  I use iTunes for my iPod!  This is just such a freaking hassle. 

If, by some miracle, someone out there has this song, and would be willing to upload it for me, I would be so so happy and grateful. 

It's Cartouche off the album ghost of a Rose by Blackmore's Night, whom I had never heard of until [profile] dolphin__girl pointed them out to me, but they're a rennaisance group. 
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Picked up the complete 4-disc score for Fellowship of the Ring tonight, as well as the Narnia score, which didn't come out until today even though the movie was out Friday, and King Kong.

High points:

FotR has everything, every piece of music from the movie, including the prologue. Hard to go wrong with that.

I am particularly fond of Narnia's "A Narnia Lullaby" and "The Wardrobe".

The iPod will have some fun new stuff on it tomorrow. :)


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