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So, I have a plan, writing-wise. I decided I wanted to do both NaNo and the 70 Days of Sweat thing, which means I can't start writing until November 1st, but I still have to finish the novel by January 15th. Not counting things like mt trip to Disneyland and Christmas, and taking weekends "off" (or keeping them in reserve to make up words, if necessary), that gives me 46 writing days for finishing the novel. Assuming it's going to about the same length as the previous book, about 130,000 words, that measn I'll have to write a minimum of 2826 words/writing day starting November 1st.

Now, last year during NaNo my average was 3K/day. Sometimes it was more, sometimes less. I think the best day I had was something like 8000 words. Strategically, I'd really like to bust that record this year. It would be wonderful if, say, I could do 10K a day for the first week of NaNo - finish NaNo, and be nearly half done with the book. That would make the rest of 70 Days pretty stress free, really. I'm not sure I could do it, but wouldn't it be fun to try?
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Huh.  I may have a title for the NaNo project, at last.  Ok, so hardly anyone will be able to comment on how well this works, but for the moment, a working title is better than no title:

Lost in Shadow

And in case I ever do get around to writing a book on the vyusher (wolves), the series name will be "Children of Gaia".

ETA: Of course I am already second guessing it.  My idea for this was kind of the theme of the book: The Romani people are on the brink of genocide, humanity itself is ruled by vampires, and even the vampires are warring amongst one another, to the point where the good guys and the bad guys aren't always easy to identify.  My MC, Elysia, has to compromise the black and white beliefs she begins with at the start of the book, in order to help her people.  She has to give up the idea of vengeance in favor of survival, and work with her worst enemy to further that goal.  Then she falls in love with one of the vampires, making the waters of good and evil even murkier for her.  Hence the whole "lost" theme, along with 'shadow'.  But by the end of the book (heh, obviously) things aren't so bleak.  The Romani have hope again, Elysia's made peace with her internal struggles and the idea that not all vampires are necessarily evil, etc. 


Mar. 26th, 2007 08:57 am
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It's that time of year, again! Sun, rain, pretty flowers, and time for me to get my spring/summer handbag!

My Mom read a bunch more of the book and talked to me about it yesterday. She commented on what I already knew was a problem: the first half - three quarters has some pacing issues I need to fix. She gave me some good thoughts on how to do that and include more character stuff for Adric and Dom so they don't seem quite as side-character-ish. She also thinks Elysia is over-confident and thus not super likeable. I think I'll wait for other beta feedback before deciding she's right, but Mom is pretty discerning about such things. She thinks adding a couple of vampire kills into the first couple chapters will add weight to the character's confidence, and she's probably right.

I should have made her wait to tell me this stuff until after I was done with the first draft, though. Cause now I just want to go back and fix this stuff, and I won't let myself. "Complete first draft" is number one, fix things is number two!

She hasn't yet gotten to really explicit scenes, or the wolves. Though she's about to.

Oh, and one minor fannish thing rant.
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I am unreasonably tired today.  I managed 2,000 words and finished another chapter, but I think that's going to be it until tomorrow, unless something hits me and I just have to write it. 

But who knows?  Maybe lunch will perk me up. 
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Well, I may write more tonight, but for now the daily wordcount is 3036, and I finished another chapter.  I'm feeing pretty good about that, not that I'd say no to another thousand words or so. 


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I'm just going to keep spamming you all with meaningless writing updates, I guess, k?  Not because I really want to spam you, I'm just excited about stuff that's happening and LJ is kind of a way to shout into the ether about it. 

2k words so far this morning.  If I can keep it going, today might be one of those fabled 4k days from NaNo.  I can only hope. 


{{HUGS}} Elysia.
{{HUGS}} Parr.

They don't know it, but everything's going to be ok.  Really. 


Mar. 15th, 2007 09:35 am
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It's all coming together.  I mean, I knew how it all ended before, but now that the end is virtually here, things are occurring to me as I'm writing that are just too cool not to work in, plus they wrap everything up better than I ever expected.  Hopefully, hopefully I won't have any dangling characters or storylines at the end, and if I do, my beta readers will catch it. 

But I already know, the ending is going to be hard to write.  I don't mean emotionally, or anything, though I'm sure that might come, too.  I mean just hard to write, hard to give it the right amount of tension and drama without going overboard or being too boring, etc. 

But I'm sure my characters will continue to steer me correctly, and that will help.

I'm finding myself wanting to write something just about McClairen and the wolves, now.  But I don't know what I could do that would sustain an entire story - or an entire book.  And the space pirates are still calling my name.  I'm pretty sure they come next.  (They've been very patient, really, and I don't want to piss them off by ignoring them much further.  Pirates, you know.)

But I really love the wolves, a lot.  They've inserted themselves into the story far more than I anticipated, actually. 


Mar. 14th, 2007 08:27 pm
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Whew.  Officially over 90k.

I think this is officially the longest first draft I've ever had. 

Anyway, wordcount for the day was 3,018 words.  Total for the book:

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Remember when I wrote Fantasies, and I was trying to write PWP, only it ended up being a pivotal moment for the characters and the series, what with Sydney realizing at the end that she'd fallen in love with Sark?  (Ok, so this probably only makes sense to the percentage of you who've read my fic, but you get the idea.)  And I came to the conclusion that I can't writing meaningless pr0n. 

Yeah, so this was very similar.  Turns out the s-e-x was pivotal and necessary, at least for one of the characters.  Emotional epiphanies can come at the oddest times.  My characters knew what they needed, even if I didn't.  *pets Parr*
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I wasn't planning on having any more explicit scenes in the novel - (er, I'm still avoiding typing certain words into my journal at work.  Call me paranoid, but one of the security guards here had a whole ordeal because of an e-mail he sent a friend detailing how to take apart and clean his Winchester rifle, all because of a certain word associated w/both guns and, well, more adult things, caught by whatever monitoring system they have over us.  But you guys can read between the lines, right?) 

Anyway, wasn't planning on it.  I have two in the book already - one from his POV, and one from hers.  The rest, I figured, would be light little teaser scenes, getting the implication across without too much detail.  No need to waste word count on more s-e-x, right? 

*sigh*  Guess what I'm writing right now? 

It's not my fault they can't keep their hands off each other.  Or, you know, other body parts.
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Wordcount today: 2,200

Not too bad.  I should be able to finish the next chapter tomorrow and break that 90K barrier.  But I also need to outline these last few chapters, and make sure I've got it all planned correctly to finish smoothly.  But I'm hoping to do that tonight, if I can carve out the time between the eye doctor, the gorcery store, cooking dinner, and the friends we have showing up at 8:00 for a quick shot roleplay session.  *fingers crossed*
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Another chapter done, another few thousand words finished.

The next chapter should push me over 90k, which was my original goal for this novel.  Ah, to be that close to done. 


Mar. 13th, 2007 09:47 am
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I haven't posted one in awhile, and this was too much fun to write, not to share. From the most current chapter of the Nano project, which will be going up sometime today:

Snippet )
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I know I've been missing in action lately in more ways than one.

But hopefully I'll be back more, now.  I (finally!) posted Chapter 28 of the NaNo project up at the NaNo journal [profile] charityz.  With any luck at all, tomorrow will see Chapter 29, and so on, and I'll be back on track to finish the book.  Sure, being over 80k seems like a lot, but as those reading know, I still have a lot to go.  *sigh*

I'll try to post a more general update later. :)
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I am already so behind on my Christmas shopping/jewelry making, and it's all NaNo's fault, I tell you!

Actually, I didn't write a word yesterday.  I was too busy with actual work.  (Notice I didn't post at all either.)  And then figuring out the next three or so chapters and exactly how they're going to lay out.  I knew already, in a very general sense, but now I know specifics.  So today, back to the writing.  Not so much with the Christmas shopping.  That's starting to worry me, just a bit.  I need to make some time and get that done. 

Oh, and the RL people in question had the mostly predictable responses to the chapter in question, in case anyone was curious.  In case you'd like more specifics on that:

clicky )


Dec. 5th, 2006 04:55 pm
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Finished the difficut chapter, and caught up to the one I wrote out of order.  I'm now at

And at about 62K, my two MCs finally get down to having some sex.  Heh.  The reactions to that scene from certain RL friends reading should be interesting.  They've never read my smutty fanfic. :)

Now for a couple of chapters of emotional angst. :)


Dec. 5th, 2006 09:57 am
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Well, thank God my brain has decided to settle down today and actually let me write.  The fight scene is coming together (though I'm sure the loving husband will think it sucks and want to rewrite it as soon as he reads it.  He's very particular on fight scenes), and soon my characters will be safely through it and back into angst-ridden emotional trauma.  Well, first will come the sex, then the emotional trauma.  Heh.  That, I don't foresee any problems with.  :D  I feel reasonably good at both.

But for now, back to the fight.


Dec. 4th, 2006 09:15 am
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Ok, fight scenes suck.  Normally I don't have a huge problem with them, but as mentioned previously, today I'm kind of distracted.  It makes visualizing this complicated scenario with multiple characters in my head really difficult, to say nothing of putting it on paper coherently. 

It's not even 9:30 yet.  I've got the whole day, right?


Nov. 30th, 2006 09:56 pm
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I am going to make icons for all the major characters in my NaNo project.  Why?  Because I want to, it will be fun, and I'll be able to rotate through them as I continue working on the book in December and posting updates.  Also, they will inspire me, one hopes. :)  It's going to be difficult to find appropriate pics of everyone.  So far, I have my main two protags, and that's it. 

Didn't quite make it to 60k today, like I'd hoped.  But close.  Tomorrow I'll pass it for sure, so I'm happy enough.

Congrats to everyone out there who's made their NaNo goals, whatever those might be. :D
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Halfway through Chapter 20 (which may or may not end up being chapter 20 and 21, cause it just keeps getting longer), I've been hit with this wave of sleepiness and lethargy.  I want to write, I want to finish, but my brain will not focus properly on the words.  My eyes will not focus properly on the screen. 

I need a nap.  I think I'll have to work on this more tonight. 


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