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So. This morning I'm battling an enormous case of post-submission depression. Of the "OMG, I'm sure that sucks and there's nothing I can do about it now" variety.

I hope there aren't any gigantic spelling and/or grammatical errors in the query or synopsis, but I can't bring myself to look and make sure now that it's too late. I'm also avoiding reading the entire novella, because, while I'm quite certain that it is clean, spelling and grammatically speaking, I am also not so sure I want to know what I really think of it the morning after, you know?

The good news is, Samhain will be announcing their picks for the anthology at the end of the month. The bad news, several authors they already publish submitted. (I know this via the magical power of google and author blogs.)

I don't know for sure, but it seems previous novella anthologies had only 3-4 stories in them.

But whatever. I just have to remind myself, if it doesn't get picked up, this is just an excellent reason to actually start a website and offer some free material.

Which brings me to something else I've been thinking about. I think I might want a pen name. There are a lot of reasons for this. It's something I've waffled about for some time. Lots of authors use them. Sometimes authors publish under multiple names, so that they can have more books come out in a limited time frame, usually totally different series/genres. Or sometimes, an author won't sell very well their first time out, and they need to use a pen name to distance themselves from that for the next try. So even if I don't use one to start, I might need to at some point in my career. Assuming I have one. Which I totally will. Eventually.

(See? Depression.)

So. Of course, I have no idea what would make a good pen name. Something from the middle of the alphabet, instead of the very end, that way my books won't be on the very bottom bookshelf in the store, as they would if I used either my maiden or married names (V or Z, those are the choices there!) My Mom's maiden name doesn't work, either. Suggestions? I'm open. Totally help me pick a pen name! Or two. You never know, I might need a stock pile.

Note: Since starting this post, one of my beta readers has cheered me up immensely. I'm not quite so convinced I suck anymore. :D Thanks [livejournal.com profile] whiskeypants!

Now it's off to lunch. :D
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I'm done.

I wrote 10K of those words in the last three days, while on a family weekend at the coast.

Yes, my family is still talking to me, but it's a near thing.

The synopsis and query were written in less than an hour.  The query, in five minutes.  It is definitely not a great query, but I had no idea if "August 10th" as a deadline meant midnight their time, or my time.  I sent in everything in at 9:05pm my time, which is technically five minutes past midnight for them.  Fingers crossed like hell that they take it.

I would hate for my eyes to be bleeding (or feeling like they are) only to fail.

Never let it be said that I cannot meet a deadline. 

I am officially going to go and collapse now.

SUPER THANKS goes to my awesome team of beta readers: [livejournal.com profile] whiskeypants , [livejournal.com profile] woodrunner , [livejournal.com profile] dthon , and [livejournal.com profile] kistha , who heroically read this thing in pieces, whenever I managed to find a Wi-Fi connection this past weekend.  You guys are fantastic, and anything still wrong with the text will embarrass me, since I'm sure you all caught it on your read throughs. 

Here's hoping Samhain reads the text, despite my five-minute query and half hour synopsis. *winces* 


Aug. 6th, 2009 10:17 pm
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Well, I'm sitting decent at 16K.  Only 9K in the next three days, then Monday for revisions and the synopsis.  So far, beta response approves of my working title.

We almost have a novella in two weeks!

Today's snippet du jour:

~Snip~ )


Aug. 6th, 2009 09:42 am
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I wanted Transformers music this morning while I write, so I put the iPod on Artist>Steve Jablonksy and pushed play.

A minute ago, I stopped typing and thought "Now, why am I hearing the Gears of War 2 theme?" Which I hear every time Mark loads the game onto his Xbox.

I actually had to look at my iPod to remember that yes, Jablonksy scored that game, and yes, I did put it on my iPod. Right, then.

I only reached 13K last night, instead of the 14K I'd hoped. Setting up the new phones took half the evening, then there was dinner, and, well, by the time I was writing, I was damn tired. I wrote a paragraph, and misspelled at least half the words so badly, I didn't recognize what some of them were supposed to be - my fingers were that clumsy on the keyboard. That's when I put the laptop down and went to sleep. Sometimes you can do more harm than good trying to reach a goal.

Besides, this morning I had one of those epiphany things. Good stuff.

Today's goal: 17K.

Off to write.
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So far today, I've written about 2,250 words. I still need to write 1750 more tonight.

In the meantime, here's today's snippet. These are among the moments I enjoy most as a writer. The unexpected conversations that are unplanned by me, but evolve naturally as the characters come alive on the page, and interact with one another, seemingly of their own accord.

~Snippet~ )
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Nothing like a brisk walk around the site, out in the breeze and the sun, to wake one up from the mid-afternoon, post-lunch lethargy.

Plus, I didn't waste the time - the novella now has at least a working title, if something better doesn't occur to me between now and Monday: Veritas.

Whew. I was dreading the whole title thing almost as much as the query/synopsis I still have to write.

Ah yes, and I haven't actually done a word count thing in a few days:

Half done, whoo-hoo! Provided I reach my goal of 14K tonight, that leaves me with 2750 words/day between tomorrow and Sunday. Totally doable.

Kick me!

Aug. 4th, 2009 04:13 pm
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So, possibly writing 30,000 words plus a synopsis in two weeks' time was a tad ambitious. I mean, I've done it before, when the 30K was part of a book.

I'm at the point right now where I want to bang my head against the nearest brick wall, and ask myself WTH I'm doing, and why, exactly, I thought this was such a great idea. Part of me wants to give up. But another part of me is all "Nooooooooooo! There is still time! You have until Monday, Rhien, just keep writing." (I'm not sure until when on Monday, mind, as the site just says "Monday, August 10th" - does that mean midnight on August 10th? 9pm? EST, or PST? Enquiring minds lunatic authors who are going to be writing until very possibly the last minute want to know!)

Right now, this very second, I have to write 3K words a day tomorrow-Sunday. Not including revising and the synopsis, which would be whatever time I have leftover, and Monday. Now, the actual writing part, that's doable on that schedule. But it sure doesn't leave me much for that two page synopsis, and we all know how much I loathe love synopsis writing. It also doesn't leave my betas any real read-and-response time. So the real truth is, I need to finish this thing faster. I'm working on it tonight as late as I can, and we'll see where I stand tomorrow.

I need some encouraging words swift kicks to keep me moving here.

I can do this.

Oh, yeah - did I mention that I leave Friday for a weekend on the coast with my nephews and literally a house full of people - fourteen to be exact?? I have to carve out writing time each day. Minimum four hours. No problem.

Where's that brick wall again?

~Very brief snippet~ )
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~ Have canceled roleplay night tonight, in favor of more words on the novella.

~ Due to a special set of circumstances I will never be able to detail, I am at this moment less stressed out than I have been for the past three years. Despite needing to get 15,000 words done by Friday. It's an odd feeling.

~ Is it wrong, that although my sister's baby is due literally any time now, and I really am excited to be an Auntie, my first thought this week is "Please don't let him/her be born until after this week is over, and the novella is submitted"?

~ I will be attending Norwescon this year, along with the husband, [livejournal.com profile] kistha and [livejournal.com profile] dthon. Not "I might be". I WILL be. I'm very excited. :)


Jul. 31st, 2009 10:39 am
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Um, right. Progress meter.

Yesterday's words totaled a little over 2K.

I had a migraine early this morning, so I'm getting a late start today. I'm also feeling a little "off", as I tend to do after one of those. My goal is to not let it affect word count.

*back to the trenches*


Jul. 30th, 2009 11:12 am
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I already have 1000 words in the can today, so I'm hopeful of reaching my 3K goal for the day. I've finally reached the point where my two protagonists meet, yay!

I dreamt about the novella last night. In my dream, I had the perfect title for it. I can almost remember it, too. It was two words...damn.

Maybe it will come to me.

I haven't posted one of these yet, and I'm feeling remiss:

~Snippet~ )
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More than 2K today.  That's better than yesterday and the day before!

17% in three days, you guys!  Whoo-hoo. :D  Still need to pick up the pace, but I'm working on it!

I'm sure you all know the novella features Dem (pictured in my icon).  I had to cast the other new characters, of course, so here they are:

Sanah is Dem's heroine, I suppose, in romance terminology.  She's the other MC in the book, is how I view it.  She's an empath, and much softer than Dem. :D

Nayla is Sanah's younger sister.  At sixteen, she's missing a lot of the socialization a lot of girls her age have had.  Her Talent is extremely rare, and considered quite dangerous, so she's spent the last several years pretty isolated.

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This morning as I signed into LJ, I felt this wave of warmth and comfort one usually associates with homecomings. I've been on LJ for going on six years, now. I suppose in way, this is my online home. I love sipping my morning coffee as I scroll through my f-list. It's not just about fandoms, it's about wanting to know how [livejournal.com profile] dragonsinger's revisions are going, or what new adventure [livejournal.com profile] randomeliza is going on, or what experiences [livejournal.com profile] fatema is having in Bangladesh, to name just a few.

I miss you guys when I'm gone for awhile, as I have been lately, busy with writing and other RL things. Even when I'm only doing brief update posts, like this one, they make me feel more connected. How did we get on before this vast social network took over the world existed? I can't imagine my life without my 'online friends' in it.

I just wanted to say. Because I was so happy signing into my LJ this morning. :D {{HUGS ENTIRE F-LIST}}

Now, on to the writing update. I didn't get quite as many words as I'd hoped yesterday, but we all know how beginnings mess with me. I can feel the ball starting to roll, now. I expect great things today.

Also, it was a record breaking 107 here yesterday! You guys, the only other time I have been in 107 degree heat was that summer in Texas! We had a Texas temperature in green, wet Oregon yesterday! OMG!

Today's projected high is supposed to be slightly less, at 105. Dude, I am not built for this. Stop with the crazy heat wave, already!
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Yesterday's high temp: a record breaking 104. Today is supposed to match or exceed that. It's already 85.

Today I went back over the opening scene of the novella (which needs a title. At least a working title. Hmmm.) and cleaned it up a bit, adding some words here and there, deleting others. Now I'm moving forward with a minimum goal for the day of 2k, although I hope to get 3k in.

Since I tend to run long, and the maximum wordcount for this is 30K, I'm setting a goal of 25K and hoping I don't go over by too much. My history with short fiction has not been stellar, but a novella is somewhat longer than a short story, fortunately. I should be able to wrap this up in the words allotted.

Progress so far:

I'll probably do another progress post at the end of the day.

A question for those of you who've written novellas before. With the longer format, do you divide it into chapters, like a novel? Or is there some other format I'm less familiar with? If you do use chapters, are they shorter, or about the same length as a novel chapter? I guess I should have thought a bit more about the structure of the thing before diving in to this!


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