Nov. 2nd, 2011 01:01 pm
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Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post. Things are a little better today, it seems, but maybe I'm just feeling better after my LJ venting. :) {{HUGS}} f-list. 

Just an FYI, I have updated my Etsy store with November's shopping special. I'll be offering free shipping on every order, even if you want to split your order up to multiple addresses for shipping Christmas gifts directly to people. (But if you're going to do this, include instructions in the msg to the seller field). 

Also, as a special for you guys, I'm offering an additional coupon code just for my livejournal peeps, free shipping, plus 10% off your order with the discount code LJLOVE entered at check out. 

Flash sale

Oct. 15th, 2011 11:39 am
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FLASH! A-ah! (Sorry, Flash Gordon theme song running through my head.)

Silver prices have hit an all time low (compared to the past year), but I have no capital to buy any and stock up. So I'm offering a weekend flash sale - 25% off anything in the store. Coupon code: FLASH25

Link to the goods.

Sale for this weekend only, then we go back to the regularly scheduled October sale. Thanks for looking!

ETA: I keep forgetting to mention this, but I can do layaway type things, too. ie, pay half down or whatever, then half again next month. I know some of the items are more expensive, and this might make it more workable. 
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I am doing some early Christmas shopping today, checking a couple of friends off my list. This reminded me that I never posted this here.

Between now and Christmas, I'll be featuring a new sale each month at my Etsy store. For the month of October, it's 15% off every purchase. Just use coupon code OCT15 at checkout. I've also added some new stud earrings, including a new 6mm london blue topaz, and some lilac colored amethyst studs:

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I'm having a Labor Day weekend sale in my Etsy store. Use coupon code LABORDAY at checkout to save 15% off everything, even already marked down sale items. Sale ends Monday night at midnight.

It's September (already!) which means this could be a good time for early Christmas shopping. :)
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 Here it is, the inventory sale from the items I had at the fair last weekend! I'll be holding this sale for the next two days. If you want something at the sale price, but you want to wait until, say Friday, to get it, send me an e-mail and I'm willing to work with you. Otherwise, these prices are only good for the next 48 hours. After that, they'll be listed in my Etsy store at regular pricing. You can feel free to comment on anything you like with no fear that I'll think you want to buy something. The only way to actually buy it is to send me an e-mail at suliabryon (at) gmail (dot) com. First e-mail to ask for an item gets it, so don't wait if you're really wanting something. Inventory on these is limited to what's on hand. 

Shipping is included free in the sale price! Paypal is the preferred payment method.

All earrings are made with sterling silver earwires, handmade by me. My earwires are comfortable to wear, even on the phone, and they stay better in your ears than standard hook wires. A few pairs of earrings here even have my handmade kidney earwires, which are not only comfortable, but super secure. 

Pictures and sale details behind the cut. )
** NOTE: I have matching pendants available for earrings 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 14, 16, 17 and 18. Individual pendant pictures will be listed soon. Pendants will go for $15 apiece.
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Here's a preview of some of the things I'll be offering in the sale post this weekend:

I made a couple of these "showstopper" pieces, cascade necklaces of copper chain and semi-precious stones. I only have pictures of the labradorite, but I also made one with lapis lazuli. (Please ignore how horrible the picture is of me wearing one. It's just to get an idea of what they look like on):

Pictures )
 **Note - if you see something here you absolutely know you want, shoot me an e-mail or a comment and let me know. There are limited amounts of various styles and stones being offered, as this is purely inventory-on-hand. Since the sale doesn't go live until the weekend, I will hold items for people if they so desire.

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 So, I recently made a bunch of earrings, pendants, and a couple of necklaces for a sale table at an outdoor event up in Seattle called MedFest. Inclement weather meant less crowds shopping, so quite a few of these items are left. When I get the inventory back this weekend, I plan to list them on my journal at awesome sale prices for a limited time, after which they'll be listed at my Etsy store. These are sterling silver and gemstone earrings and pendants for $20 and $15 apiece, respectively. Once on my Etsy store, they'll be listed for anywhere from $30-40, depending on the piece in question. Sterling silver (and all precious metal) prices are going up, up, up, so this is a chance that will likely not repeat. Stones include labradorite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, chalcedony, amethyst and more.

Sale will go live Sunday night, and once it's gone, it's gone. 
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 Let's hope it lasts long enough to finish my paper.

I'm taking a small break from Beowulf at the moment - I fear I might have written myself into a corner, partly due to the drugs anti-cold meds I'm on so I can write the thing.  Perhaps comparing Beowulf with Luke Skywalker wasn't the way to go, after all.  *sigh*

Anyway, here's some jewelry business: if you're still Christmas shopping, I can guarantee by-Christmas delivery via first-class US mail for anything ordered through December 15th, which is two days from now.  From that point, I can upgrade orders for an extra $2 to priority mail, which will guarantee Christmas delivery for any US orders made through December 20th.  International orders are no longer guaranteed at this point, as Int'l shipping times are harder to predict.  

Most recently listed item: ruby earrings

 Click me! )
Shiny, pretty, gold.  Rubies are very red, but these pics were taken around dusk, and thus don't show the color as brightly as they could.  Anyway, more info and pics ay my Etsy store, Christmas sale still in effect!

I'm finally getting the hang of making kidney earwires.  I like them, because even when I wear scarves my earrings stay in my ears, but they're a little tricker to make than my usual french hook variety.  I thought I'd need to use a slightly more substantial wire to handle the way one has to manipulate them, but as it turns out, nope, 22 gauge wire still works best, IMO.  
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 It's been forever since I did a GJP, so here goes!  I love these new dangly hoops.  I made a pair for myself, and ended up selling them when I wore them out for the first time on Monday, so I think they might end up being pretty popular.  

 More pics )
   Both pairs have been listed in my Etsy store, and don't forget my holiday special, giving 10% off of every purchased with the coupon code Holiday2010, good through Christmas. 
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 The Christmas shopping season is about to commence, and what better gift to give than something beautiful, unique, and hand crafted?  I haven't done a jewelry post in a long time, but my shop is still around, I'm still making jewelry (in fact, there are a few people on my list who are getting jewelry for Xmas this year, of course), and I'm offering a Christmas sale this week for those who want to cross someone off their list early.

Etsy has added coupon codes to the tools sellers can use, so, anyone inclined to do a little shopping from now until Sunday night, can use the code Xmas2010 at checkout to save 20% off their entire order.  This includes items already on sale, like the gorgeous Jewels of Hatshepsut Egyptian Coil Bracelet, which is already marked down 30%.  This sale will effectively make that one-of-a-kind piece 50% off to some lucky shopper.  

So, if you or someone you know loves one of a kind, handmade jewelry, send them a link, or head on over to my Etsy shop yourself, and take a look at what's there.  
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 Just a drive by post to let everyone know, i'm having my annual free shipping Mother's Day sale at my Etsy store.  So, if jewelry would make a good gift for a Mom in your life, handmade makes a unique and special gift.

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The 30% off Christmas sale is officially over. But I will be doing something on a much smaller scale very soon, that will extend all the way until Christmas, in case anyone is sad at having missed out.

BUT, I have one more order of business leftover from the sale. One lucky winner, selected by the internet's version of "name drawn from a hat", aka the random number generator, gets a custom made pendant or ring from me, using a gorgeous rainbow moonstone cabochon.

And that person is:

[livejournal.com profile] woodrunner !!

Congrats! Thank you everyone who participated in the sale, whether by mentioning me on their journal, or by purchasing, or both.

[livejournal.com profile] woodrunner please contact me, and let me know which you prefer - pendant or ring.


Nov. 23rd, 2009 09:19 am
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Today is the first day of my Etsy shop's Christmas Sale!

Don't forget:

~ don't pay until I send you an adjusted invoice. If you want to know how much something will be, everything is 30% off the current listed price! EVERYTHING.

~ every $20 gets you an entry into the drawing for a custom made piece by me, just for you.

~ every mention + link in you journal gets you an entry into the drawing. There is no limit to the number of entries a single person can have!

~ The sale goes through Saturday at midnight, and the drawing will be held Sunday, with the winner annouced Monday.
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I mentioned awhile ago, I'd be organizing a Christmas shopping sale for my Etsy store, and this is the official announcement with the details.

Next week, for the week of Thanksgiving only, I'll be offering an unprecendented 30% off marked prices on everything in my store, including already marked sale and clearance items. Starting Sunday, November 22, and running through Saturday, November 28th, just make a purchase as normal, but wait to pay with paypal until I send you an adjusted invoice, taking into account the 30% off.

In addition to that, I'll be holding a drawing for a custom made piece by me, featuring an absolutely gorgeous rainbow moonstone cabochon:

Beautiful blue flash, a generous 14x10mm size, and hand forged into either a pendant or a ring, winner's choice. Keep it, give it as a Christmas gift, or do your Christmas shopping in the store, and keep the moonstone piece for you (if you're the winner...)

Entries into the drawing are as follows:

~ mention my sale on your journal, and recieve an entry - see? No purchase necessary! The trick - you need to provide a link to my Etsy store, and then comment here linking me back to your post, so I know to enter you.

~ Spend $20 or less (not including shipping) and receive two entries into the drawing. For every $20 increment above that, receive two entries. So, for example:

Jane Smith buys a pair of earrings for $15 - she receives two entries into the hat. She mentions my sale on her journal and links me to the post - receiving another entry, for a total of three.

Bob spends $60 in the store (I will round up for things like $59, btw). He receives six entries into the hat. These numbers are, of course, after the 30% off is applied, so keep that in mind.

The custom pendant or ring will probably be similar to, but not exactly like this or one of these. And if you win, but rainbow moonstone just doesn't float your boat, I can negotiate that. But I'd prefer to keep it to another cabochon of similar size and cost.

I'll be holding the drawing on Sunday, November 29th, and announcing the winner on Monday the 30th.

All the items listed in the store are ready to ship, and can be custom gift wrapped and shipped directly to the intended recipient, if you prefer. Don't wait until the end of the week to buy that perfect Christmas gift, when an item might be gone! For reasons of fairness, I won't be "holding" items for people during the course of the sale. Only readers of this journal are getting the heads up that it's happening, and when, and all the details, so you'll already have a jump on everyone else, come Sunday morning. :D


Sep. 15th, 2009 09:50 am
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Just a note to say I'm doing one of my seasonal free shipping sales at Ye Olde Etsy Store.

Free shipping to anywhere, between now and Friday.

As is my usual policy, I've also marked down some items specially for this sale, which will return to normal pricing once it's over. Here is a sampling of a few of the items marked down:

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I cleaned out my closet this weekend, and I'm going to be clearing out some of my costuming stuff at below cost of materials prices. I only have so much room, and I've got waaaaay too much fabric stashed away not to be making myself some new things.

So. These are "used" in the sense that I've worn them at least twice for Ren Faires, or parades. They're also things I made early on in my sewing career, so while I was attempting things like corsetry at the time, I didn't have my serger yet, and I didn't know all the little things I do now. I'll write a little blurb about each outfit, so you know what the flaws as I see them are. :)

First is the very first Ren dress I made myself. It's made from embroidered and solid taffeta, with an overlay of embroidered chiffon. With an included modesty panel for the front lacing, it should fit from a sz 10-14. I'm a 10-12, and I was a 12 at the time of the pictures. It has an underskirt, and overskirt with attached fully boned bodice (with flat and spring steel bones). I made this like you would a real corset, so it really does pull in and support.

Pics )
It features detachable sleeves, and with the modesty panel, does not require an undershirt. I'm wearing a crinoline with it, like the kind often worn with wedding gowns, which is NOT included. But you can find one for a good deal on ebay, and it isn't required to wear the gown, although proper underthings really add a lot to any costume.

flaws: I didn't know what a placket was for on skirts yet, and I didn't use one when I may the underskirt. As a result, the back slit isn't quite as neat as I would like, but no one sees that anyway with the overdress on. I ran out of the bias tape I was using to finish the sleeve and shoulder edges at the last minute, and had to switch to a slightly shinier black ribbon for one of the sleeves in order to finish the dress, but no one has ever commented - if you don't tell anyone it's there, they won't notice. Seriously, the overall affect of this dress on, is gasps over how beautiful it is.

Although I didn't yet own a serger, all the edges are ziggzagged with my sewing machine, which finishes them and keeps them from unraveling. The boning is flat and spring steel, not plastic ridgeline from the fabric store. There are over 8 yards of taffeta in this dress, and another yard of the chiffon. That's about $65 of fabric, with an additional $25 or so in trim. When you include the boning, grommets, thread, and other notions, the materials for this dress cost easily over $100 - I'm offering it for $80, with free shipping.

At any Ren Faire, this would a noblewoman's gown, and if you've gone to Faire and priced garb, you know how expensive buying an outfit like this would be (probably in the $300 range - materials plus the seamstress's skill and time.) $80 MIGHT get you a basic peasant's costume - chemise, skirts, bodice - but even that would be a lucky find. So if you know anyone who wants a new Ren dress in the sz 10-14 range, point them this way!

Next is my regency day dress. I made this more recently, so all of the edges are serged. Approximately seven yards of cotton/cotton sateen. It laces up the back with grommets, and should fit a size 10-14 or so.

Pics )
This one was only worn once. It features a gathered bodice, and a fun and flirty ruffle on the hem. Materials into it, around $60 - I'm offering it for $35 shipped. For Jane Austen fans, there are lots and lots of regency events out there, hosted by groups like the Jane Austen Society and local Regency societies. Picnics, teas, and many other things. This would be the perfect daydress for joining in. :-)


Jun. 10th, 2009 07:53 am
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Just a last reminder, my Etsy sale ends at 10:00am PST this morning, at which time free shipping and items with dropped prices will all revert to normal.  That's two hours from now, if you live in another time zone with major math involved. :D

SALE notes

Jun. 8th, 2009 09:59 am
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I have spent much of my morning marking down items in my store. Remember, these discounts go away when the free shipping does, Wednesday morning. Some are even items that were already discounted, now being temporarily offered at yet more of a price break. Some highlights are a couple of popular and more expensive items marked waaaaaay down:

The Burning Sky Pendant, originally $125, now going for only $50.

The Jewels of Hatshepsut Egyptian Coil Bracelet, marked down to $90.

By far the largest discount, the Dark Queen Mask, with a regular price of $325, marked down to only $169.

Lots of other discounts, ranging from 20% off, to more than 50%, marked by the word SALE in the title. And free shipping on everything.


Jun. 7th, 2009 07:53 pm
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...the sale is on!

Feel free to spread the word. In case you're curious as to WHY I'm having a sale, well, in part, because I got a flat tire this weekend.

Which led to me taking my car into Beggs Tires. 

Which led to a bunch of my Vegas money going, instead, to pay for four new tires.  Apparently I have an alignment problem, fairly significant, which led to the inner part of my tires shredding to nearly nothing.  SHREDDING.  Anyway.  I'd actually planned on having some sort of pre-Father's Day sale this month, even though jewelry is a girly thing - hey, who doesn't buy something for themselves when they go shopping??  But the whole new tire thing just factored into my 'kind of planning' and made it really happen. :D

The sale ends at 10:00am PST Wednesday morning. 


Jun. 7th, 2009 09:11 am
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I will be offering a very limited, 48-hour sale in my Etsy store very soon.  Free shipping anywhere in the world.  Temporary (very) discounts on items. 

Just a heads up.  I'll post again when it goes live.  It's scheduled for tomorrow morning, but I might cheat and go a little early tonight.


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