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Mark and I finished SPN S3-so-far over the weekend, and in the episode where Bela is introduced, I had a possible epiphany: spec behind the cut )


Feb. 27th, 2008 10:05 am
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Finished re-watching S1 of Supernatural with Mark last night. He's enjoying it, he said "the most he's enjoyed a TV series since Firefly [and BSG]" - color me shocked! I mean, I love the boys and all, but my love of Firefly is a near perfect thing, not to be compared with pretty much any other show out there. So I asked him why, and he said because SPN has smart writing, and that was his favorite thing about Firefly.

Mark's favorite FF scene of ever: In "The Train Job" , when the guy threatens to hunt Mal down and kill him, and Mal kicks him into the engine. It was the first episode he saw, and as the guy was going off "I'm going to hunt you down, I'm going to..." Mark was "I'd just shoot him." And then Mal kicks him into the engine, and Mark looked at me and said "This is the best show I've ever seen." That was it, he was hooked.

He sees the same elements in SPN. Above all, he hates when characters do stupid for the sake of the plot, or when stories break their own world rules for the sake of convenience. SPN has consistency in world building. If they say salt in front of your door repels demons, salt comes up time and time again, for instance. Rock salt against spirits, etc.

And at its core, the show is about the relationship between Sam and Dean, and for S1, their relationship with their father. Sure, they hunt evil, but it all comes back to why they hunt it. Dean's fear of losing his family, Sam's need for revenge, John's obsession, and his need to protect his boys, all tangled up with hunting the evil that's stalked them all their lives. It makes for a good story. It helps that there are moments like that one in Firefly, where the characters do smart things. As an example, Sam shooting John/the demon in the leg in the S1 finale (I'm not cut tagging, because heck, if you haven't seen S1 of SPN by now, why are you still reading this post?) "You shoot me, you kill him." Well yeah, except shooting doesn't necessarily mean killing.

I think he also likes the 'guy' vibe SPN has. The car, the music, Dean's obsession with hot chicks, the troubled relationship between the boys and their father. When Dean finally sides with Sam against John, and tells him "We saved your ass, you do need us, we're stronger as a family," and John looks at him and says "You're right. I'm not too fond of this new tone of yours, but you're right." Mark laughed, and said "I think it's hard for fathers when their boys grow into men, because usually the son's strength is a reflection of their father's."

He's going to be pissed when he watches the season opener for S2. But he also already knows John's not around later, because he's seen some bits and pieces of S3.

Oh, and because I know a large portion of fandom thinks John Winchetser was a terrible father, blah, blah, this is Mark's take after watching all of S1 - now, realize my husband comes from a family of very strong men. The only picture I have ever seen of his Grandpa Marion has the old coot flipping off the camera as he's standing there, smiling and holding his wife's hand. Because he didn't want to take the picture and was pissed about it. When Mark's Dad was born, the doctor came out to their cabin and delivered the baby, then he and Mark's Grandpa took off and went hunting immediately following the birth. Realize, hunting back then was so their family wouldn't starve, but still, the way the story goes, that baby was barely born before both men picked up guns and took off. When he was growing up, this same grandfather got into a fight with his younger brother, and their mother made them take the fight outside. He let little bro get out the door first. When Marion walked out, little bro cold cocked him with a hunk of firewood. Later, when Grandpa told Mark the story, he said "It was my own damn fault - I never let him get the drop on me again." The orneriness lessens some with each generation, but Mark still has plenty of hard and stubborn in his personality. His thoughts on Papa Winchester )

Tonight, probably we'll start S2. Which IMO was better than S1. It'll be interesting to watch it again with Mark.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 09:36 am
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Though we're taking off for that cozy cabin this afternoon, I'll likely be checking in occasionally, as the cabin has wireless. :)

My wrist almost feels normal this morning, so more writing and jewelry making to commence again soon.

SPN last night was fantastic - Click for spoilery thoughts )
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To whoever left me love in [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game (which I didn't even know existed until today), thank-you so much! It makes me feel all warm and squishy. :-) {{HUGS}}

And {{HUGS}} to my entire f-list! While Friday is usually a good enough reason for happiness, there are things I am extra thrilled about today, including but not limited to:

~ the above linked V-day game. Go check it out, you might be surprised like I was. I don't even know [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn!

~ my friends experiencing family medical emergency stuff are well, and so far, things are looking very positive for them. {{extra hugs to you guys}}

~ [livejournal.com profile] kateelliott posted something extremely timely for me (re: yesterday's writing post) about first time authors and series writing. I want to print it out, along with all the comments, frame it and tack it to my laptop. I won't, but I want to.

~ I am feeling all optimistic about my queries out there these days. I'm sure it will pass, but for now, yay optimism!

~ Supernatural last night was wrenching and awesome and makes me so insanely happy the Writer's Strike is over. Oh, Sam. Cut for spoilers. )

~ My test beta reader, the one who reads my chapters as I write them the most consistently and gives me super quick feedback (you know who you are!), appears to be liking the chapters of Nemesis like whoa. I am starting to get mildly concerned as to whether I can keep this level of awesome going, but I'm also going to be happy and pleased with it for as long as it lasts.

~ Tonight, my husband and I are going out for prime rib at the bestest prime rib place in town, and then to see either Jumper (1st choice) or Spiderwick (a lot depends on where these are both playing).

~ Yesterday, my husband brought me home flowers. A dozen roses, in colors ranging from green, to yellow, to orange. I like red and white and pink a bit more, but I am so not complaining, as they are gorgeous. I was only expecting a small arrangement, not a full dozen.

I think that's it for my happy Friday list at the moment. So back to writing!
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Ooops. A brief peruse of my f-list reminded me what else I was going to post - SPN )

I need a really awesome brotherly themed icon of the boys. And also maybe one of them in their tuxes from Red Sky at Morning.


Jan. 17th, 2008 09:34 pm
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You know, using my desktop PC at work and then coming home to my Mac is only making me love my new MacBook all the more.  At work, gmail has suddenly decided not to work reliably.  It constantly locks up and makes me close my browser, open a new one, and log back in.  Also, livejournal absolutely refuses to open the 'edit journal' page on my work PC now, though none of the other pages are a problem.

Yet, it can't be gmail or LJ itself, because I have no such problem on the Mac.  Thank goodness.

But my adoration and devotion to my shiny new laptop is not actually why I'm making this post; I'm watching Supernatural tonight, and I just have to say Red Sky at Morning has to be one of my favorite episodes of all time.  Do I really need to spoiler cut since it's a repeat?

Side note: who seriously thought cherry-chocolate Dr. Pepper was a good idea??
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I have been a bad NaNo writer these last two days, through unforseen circumstances. One, a friend called me on Wednesday with some really bad stuff going on, wondering what she should do. Helping her and dealing with that took up most of the day, and most of my energy. No problem, I thought. One day isn't so bad. But then yesterday, we had this wonderful two and a half hour meeting at work, the fallout from which is...well let's just say my job and that of my boss could be in jeopardy due to the bitter jealousy of one of the uppity ups who, it turns out hates my boss, like waaaaaay more than we ever realized. She is making it her #1 goal in life to get him fired, when she is so pathetic she can't even do her job. Whatever. The gossip mill here was running full force post-meeting, with lots of watercooler talk going on that, again, took me away from writing. (As it had to do with the outlook of my job's future, or lack thereof, I felt the watercooler talk was important to be there for.) So I'm now just under 6K words down. *grumbles* And this morning, I have one of those headaches that could turn into a migraine. I've taken ibuprofen, so hopefully it will soon kick in, and then I'll be able to pull up that doc and start trying to catch up on words.

I am sort of hoping that maybe this writing thing will produce some results before my job goes belly up in (we're guess-timating) about a year. Then, if I look for a replacement job, it could maybe be parttime, something that is only justifiable if in some form I'm getting paid to write. Since Mark works and gets decent benefits, 'quitting the day job' isn't entirely impossible for me. I don't make a ton of money where I am, even though they waaaaay overpay me.

It might be a pipe dream, but I can dream if I want to.

[Ouch. Please headache, just go away!]

In strike related news, I haven't yet commented here, but I am all for the writers. If every single show I love goes to repeats and we lose this season of television forever, I am totally fine with that. The studios are being f-ing ridiculous and making me hate the suits in charge even more than I did when some of them cancelled Firefly. For God's sake, just settle already and give the writers what they are asking for and deserve to have, you bunch of tight-fisted jerks.

Of course, this also makes me very sad, because some shows, like SPN, are having their best seasons ever. I loved last night's episode. If I wasn't tied up doing NaNo, I'd be writing fic from last night's episode. Dean/Bela fic with hot, angry sex. I'm just saying. spoilers behind the cut )

I need an icon. Hmmm.

TV stuff

May. 11th, 2007 09:02 am
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So, I don't comment much on Supernatural (or many other TV shows, really - not like I used to) but holy cow, y'all!!!  I am so glad that was not the season finale, or I'd be a freaking wreck between now and then.  I can't believe that!  In fact, I don't believe it (as I'm sure none of you do, either.)  There is no way
So, while I'm at it, I suppose I should talk about some of my other shows:

Um, it almost seems superfluous to talk about any other shows after The Shield, cause nothing else can come close to competing with that level of emotional drama and impact.  Seriously.  It's probably the best show you've never seen. 


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