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Well, I guess it's been a few days...a week...okay, so maybe two since I posted anything of significance. It's been....I don't remember if I've ever gone that long on LJ without posting before.

I'll be honest, I just haven't felt up to it. It seems like every other post I make is depressed or sad or whining. And I know we see enough of that sort of thing on the news anymore, and so I just found myself staying away. I haven't even read my f-list, so if any of you have had posts I wouldn't want to miss, please do comment. There's no way I'll be catching up on what is likely to be skip=1000.

So, a brief catch up on the state of Rhien:

~ The diet of doom is almost over! Two days, and I have my doctor's appointment and get to start adding things back in, one at a time.

~ My sister and I had a really good conversation about her pregnancy, how I feel, Mom, and the shower I just can't throw. It all started with a phone call from Mom. I think I need to make some time, and go and see my Mom, and spend some real time with her. A weekend, or something. Apparently my sister tried to talk to her, and tell her how this has to be very 'challenging' and 'hard' and even 'hurtful' for me, and Mom just kept saying things like "She's your sister, and she'll support you no matter what" and ignoring what Rhien!Sis was really trying to say. And then somehow Mom ended up crying, and Rhien!Sis didn't know how or why, exactly, and the conversation sort of stopped. So, in a classic example of the stellar communication my family routinely employs, Mom is just not talking about her feelings in all of this, and somehow feels that ignoring the situation is being supportive of me. I'm honestly baffled, but I think you all are right (imagine that!), and I do need to talk to her.

~ We are almost caught up on BSG! Wow, I am going to be so very sad when this show is done. Very sad. some spoilers - I think we're still one episode behind )

~ WHOEVER (and I have my suspicions!) sent me THIS and THESE -WOW!! Thank you SO SO MUCH. You made my week, my month, you are totally awesome. :D I was baffled when I got the mail, because I wasn't expecting anything, and they both came on the same day. I opened the necklace first, and I recognized it immediately, of course, because I've had it in my favorites forever. It took me a good minute to realize someone must have bought it for me. And then I was all wibbly and happy and almost cried. Thank you again so much! Then I opened the labradorite, and everyone here, I think, is very familiar with how much I love this stone! I think I might be totally indulgent and make them into a bracelet all for me. :)

So, whoever you are (someone asked for my address a little while back, so I think I know who, but there's always that little bit of room for doubt.) THANK YOU. It was such a surpise, and I absolutely love them both. Please feel free to reveal yourself in comments if you like, so I can thank you properly. :)

A sewing post is likely to come later today. Better get back on the horse, so to speak, now that I'm back.
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Wouldn't it be great if Amazon's new Tivo Unbox download feature included BSG episodes?  Yeah.  It doesn't.  And I'm still missing Maelstrom and whatever ep came before it.  :(  I'm really surprised that no one out there appears to have them, at least if the lack of response to my last post regarding them is any indication.  Stupid Tivo (and the power company) is the reason I don't have them, so it sure would have rocked if Tivo could have fixed that via this new deal with Amazon.  *sigh*

I saw 300 yesterday.  And watched the new series Blood Ties  last night.  Will post about both later.
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Ok.  Seriously, you guys, I need you!  So, we had a couple of power outages recently, and some more wireless hook up problems with the Tivo, which resulted in the last two - count them, two - episodes of BSG not recording.  Skiffy replays the episodes, so I was at least going to get Maelstrom last night, but the stupid power went out again!  AAAAAAAARGH!!!

So.  If anyone has them, perhaps with the capability, like my usually beloved Tivo has, of recording them to DVD, I would owe you, oh, my firstborn child, or something.  Ok, so maybe not that, but something awesome.  Please?  Anyone?   Friends of friends of friends, perhaps? 
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*gasp*  What's this?!  A fannish post? 

Well, everything's been on repeats until last week, and nothing's been worth commenting on, really, until last night. 

Dresden, non-spoilery sorta comments:

~ Bob.  Hmm.  We'll see.  I can understand why they'd want a real actor with real facial expressions, rather than a digitally animated skull, both for budget and acting reasons.  BUT.  I am reserving my opinion on this new Bob.  At least they still incorporated the skull.

~ Harry.  Ok.  I can see this guy as Harry.  My mental image doesn't quite match, but he can pull off the character.  Pilots are always hard to get a real read on the characters, cause the actors themselves are still finding their stride.  But so far, I have no complaints.

~ Murphy.  Hmm, I am least impressed with her, so far, for reasons that have nothing to do with her being a brunette instead of a perky looking blond.  Her first dialogue seemed very wooden to me, and sounded nothing like Murphy's voice sounds when I read her.  It improved slightly during her second scene, and I'm hoping it will continue to improve as the actress settles into the character.  *fingers crossed*

~ Um.  where's Susan?  Who's this Laura chick?  Whatever.

~ The Blue Beetle...what, they couldn't find an old VW bug for cheap and paint the panels diff colors?  Harry's driving a jeep, now?  Ok, ok, it's a small thing, I can let it go. 

I know that sounds like a litany of complaints, but really, I enjoyed this first episode.  I think it has a lot of potential as a show.  It's just difficult whenever books you love are turned into another media (movie/show), because the firsdt thing you see is always going to be what's different.  Like Bones, the best course of action may well be to pretend the Dresden Files has nothing to do with the books, and just enjoy the show on its own merits.

Battlestar Galactica, Rapture :


Holy frak, Helo/Sharon is so 100% my OTP for this show.  I love them.  SO MUCH.  Together or apart, they are awesome.

*basks in Helo/Sharon love*

Um.  Everything else is sorta spoilery. 
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Spoiler warning - sorry [personal profile] kistha!
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I'm feeling all cut off from the world because I had yesterday off from work, and typically I don't peruse the f-list nearly as much at home as I do at work.  Plus, I was busy all weekend, which gave me very little time to check in.

L and I spent Saturday cutting out all the fabric for my costume, including the cloak, which is going to be so awesome!  We found the perfect kind of shimmery blue satiny fabric on clearance for $2/yard for the lining - so much more interesting than basic lining, and less expensive, too.  All I need now is the trim, which I haven't yet found to my liking.

In related L news, she's being very brave and commissioning a wire mask from me after only seeing my unfinished copper/silver plate, in the wrong gauges, mock up mask.  But she needs a mask for the masquerade thingy (the one she has just doesn't match her costume in the slightest, and an online search produced nothing that looked quite right for a Fairy Queen in pink and silver.)  So...I'm making one in silver, with pink and white swarovski embellishments, and I'm not sure what else.  I finished the basic structure last night, which turned out even better than my mock up did.  (I figure by the time I get to my mask in gold fill, I'll be an expert.)  Like I said, very, very brave of her, but so far I am confident it will turn out well.  I'm going to take pics of the mask-in-progress at each "phase" of construction to post when it's finished. 

One thing I wish I could find, I've seen some finished wire pieces kind of coated in a translucent colored liquid of some kind, which I think would  be neat to give her finished mask an overall pink look to match her dress.  You can still see the color of the metal through this stuff, whatever it is, but it tends to gather in little loops and look kind of like bits of stained glass.  I have no idea if it's sprayed on, brushed on, dipped, whatever, but I wish I could find it.  Would probably help keep the silver from tarnishing, too, since this mask is going to be sterling and not argentium.  (I had some sterling that needed using up, and L said she didn't care, so...)

Moving on, I loved and adored All in all, looking forward to seeing where this season goes.  This show continues to rock.  I know my opinion might be unpopular after last season, but I've actually loved every second of it.  Brilliance, I say.

Anyone know how I can get my hands on a copy of the recently aired BBC Robin Hood?  I would almost, but not quite, sell my soul for such a thing.
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Have you seen the Maxim style pics featuring our favorite BSG actors in various fall clothing on the set of BSG? Dude. I always knew Helo was hot, but I admit Lee has held that #1 hotness spot for the male cast on the show in my esteem. I may have to revise that after seeing these, though.

[profile] syliasyliasylia was kind enough to upload them to her gallery.  Still, I'm not sure how LJ works with bandwidth and gallery views and such, so I also uploaded them to mine - go look

So much pretty.  I know people will be making icons.  I can't wait to see them!


Sep. 21st, 2005 07:31 am
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I caught up on the last two episodes of BSG yesterday. spoilers )
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So this is it. The day Mark signs his contract and becomes an official employee of the Lebanon school district again! We're going out to a nice dinner with his parents Friday night to celebrate. His Mom wants to see a movie after, and I'm voting for The Brothers Grimm, but it isn't really his parents' kind of movie. Sadly, we'll probably end up seeing something else, and Mark and I will see that one ourselves at some nebulous future point.

To give you some idea, his Mom was lost and confused watching such shows as Batman Begins, Harry Potter (any), Star Wars: RotS, and any LOTR movie. We had to explain them to her after. Because she's so grounded in reality, anything that diverges makes no sense to her. Since Mark and I write fantasy and SF primarily, you can imagine how much of our original work she reads.

Anyway, I have speculations on the preview for this Friday's BSG. I'm spoiler free, so this is just me guessing. possible spoilers )

Also, am thinking about joining Weight Watchers. I like the idea of their point system and flex points and stuff, and I really need to do something about this extra twenty-thirty pounds. Before Mark and decide to give kids a go. Working out alone doesn't seem to be enough.

I'm also wary of giving so much of my money to something that may or may not work. Any thoughts/personal experiences out there?
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Which is a good reason to be glad that I'm headed to the coast for four internet-free days in approximately an hour and a half.

On the one hand, I have to hope and pray my ancient VCR comes through and records BSG tonight. The house we're staying at has no cable! The horror! What, they think there are other things to do on the coast besides watch TV?? LOL.

On the other, HBP hits hands tonight at midnight for many people, and tomorrow morning for everyone else. I myself am not going to post a thing about the book until after I've finished it, at which time I'll post my thoughts/reactions behind cut tags, of course. And not that I don't love LJ, because I do, and I understand about everyone's excitement over HP, but I am not looking forward to wading through fifteen jillion posts on the subject - posts which I won't read until I'm done with the book. It's not even wading through them, precisely. I'm just feeling rather relieved that until Monday, at least, I'll be away from the initial craze of reactions and miss being possibly spoiled for Big Things in the book. I've already read one accidentally, by clicking on a link that didn't say anything about spoilers, but certainly did have them.

Still, at this point I'm not inclined to believe anything I read online except Scholastic's jpeg of the back cover blurb of the book. They have such a tight hold on everything, slapping lawyers and gag orders on anyone who happened to get the book early (I think there's something like twenty people, total?), that I wonder where these people get their supposed spoilers from when they appear so mysteriously online. All I can say is, I hope the spoiler I read was wrong, else this book might be my last in the series. My husband's as well.

With all that in mind, if I do happen to get online, I'm not sure I'll be checking in here, or not. If I don't, see you all Monday, and have a great BSG, HBP weekend, depending on your fandom. :)


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