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Criminal Minds is messing with me tonight. For me, Raphael Sbarge will always be Kaidan from the Mass Effect series. I can put that aside for Jiminy Cricket in Once Upon A Time, but not so much for the character he is playing tonight. 

In other Criminal Minds news, Matthew Gray Gubler is sure looking hot lately. It's actually distracting! I think his is cut a little different, maybe indicating his secret girlfriend? Which brings me to my third point, where the heck is she??? It's been like, 4 episodes, and we've had no more hints at all! 

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How awesome was Penelope's necklace tonight?? I want a close up of it. 

The team is back together, and I *love* them, especially because everything that's happened isn't magically forgotten. There are repercussions, and these characters are actual people with real emotions. 
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 ~ I have to say, unfortunately there is more in Dragon Age 2 that I am disappointed in than happy with. I'm still glad I bought and played the game, but DA:O was all around better, despite the improvements in combat, graphics, and other game play features. I really feel they cut some corners to shove the game out the door a year after the first one, and I wish they'd taken the time to do it right. DA3 may not be on my "to buy" list if they don't do it right.

On the other hand, they appear to have taken the proper time for Mass Effect 3 (two years between games) and I am both nervous and terribly excited for it. WE SHALL SEE, BIOWARE!


Spoilers )
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 A couple of things.  Sadly, my crit partner [livejournal.com profile] woodrunner is not going to be attending Norwescon this year as she had planned.  She has two pre-New Year priced memberships up for grabs over on her journal.  ie, $50 apiece instead of the door price of $60.  

Criminal Minds was an exceptional episode last night.  This show is so often so very good.  In related news, I am so pleased all my shows are back. :)

I'm mid-way through S4 of Babylon 5.  I had a conversation with someone recently, trying to explain how really awesomely good this show is.  They shrugged, and said "Yeah, I've seen an episode or two.  It's okay."  To which I really wanted to grab them and shake them, and say "But you don't know.  It's like Farscape.  You can't watch an episode or three out of order and base your opinion on that.  You have to watch it from the beginning, in order."  

But I didn't.  Because she wouldn't get it no matter what I said.  *sigh*

CSI: NY really does not benefit by following Criminal Minds.  It sort of highlights the glaring differences in quality of story and writing between the two shows.
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*scrolls through f-list*


WTH?? There was a new ep of Criminal Minds last night?? Way to advertsie, CBS! Hopefully my Tivo caught it. It should have.

It's not like this is "Oh, darn, I missed an ep. Hope the killer this week wasn't too interesting!" No, no. This is more "OMG WTH is happening to follow up that tremendously emotionally wringing 100th ep in which they do their best to break [spoilers]! Is [spoilers] doing okay with [spoilers]? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" !!

Also, I seem to recall some odd episode order/airing stuff from last season, or the season before, which my Tivo didn't catch, that was also around the time of holiday hiatus. WTF, CBS?
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So far this season, the premieres of my returning shows are living up to all my expectations and more.

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The fresh raspberries on my oatmeal this morning were a great idea....in theory. In practice, even with the application of a little sugar, it seemed to bring out every ounce of sour in them.

Dear Criminal Minds )

Dear NCIS )
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It's Monday, and believe it or not, I'm actually happy to be at work!

Okay, possibly this is because at my job, there is rarely anything for me to actually do, even after a week of vacation away. Which means 'work' is really me answering e-mails, phone calls, etc, after which I can listen to my iPod whilst working away at the latest WIP. What's not to like? Except that my office is old and concrete (walls + floor), and has no real working heater. So, I am currently wrapped in my fleece from Disneyland and my scarf, and still sort of freezing. (It got down to 27 degrees last night - for those of you on C instead of F, that's -3, or so.) Right now, it is 32 degrees F, or 0 C. If we had precipitation, it would be snowing.

This is unusually cold for the last week of November, FYI. And especially so for someone who just returned from California. brrrrrrrr.

I had dreams while I was away about werewolves and gypsies. My brain was telling me it was unhappy with the state of affairs which had me not writing. Which makes me extremely excited to be here, about to start writing again. *cracks knuckles*

So, anything great or terrible happen to any of my f-listers while I was away? I'm skimmed some, but I'm not going back a full week on my f-list. Waaaaay too intimidating a task (I'd never get to writing!)

I've watched a couple of my Tivo'd shows since getting home. Namely, my soap opera GH (what? I have priorities! There were Exciting Things happening when I left!) and Criminal Minds.Cut for possible spoilers, length )
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Last night's episode is just one example of why I should never watch Criminal Minds before bed. Because even though 90% of the time it's fine and doesn't bother me anymore than the next procedural drama I watch, it's that other 10% I have to worry about. Spoilers behind the cut. )

And because I watched it, Gossip Girl was teh awesome! Brief spoilers. )
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So, a few of my shows had finales last night.

Bones )


TV Stuff

May. 12th, 2006 09:36 am
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Criminal Minds )

That's it for the spoilery part. But you know, not many people on my f-list watch this show, when they should. Here are some memorable quotes, so you can see just how much you're missing:

A bunch of CM quotes you should really read! )


Smallville )
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Criminal Minds )

Bones )


When is Prison Break coming back this month? Probably not until the end, I suppose.


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