Jan. 11th, 2010 10:26 am
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It was a fun and busy weekend. We had friends staying with us (yay!) who very graciously indulged my bread baking experiments (of course, they also got sent home with bread!) Friday night we pretty much just stayed up late talking.

Saturday, I woke up early to go and do my Dream Dinners thing. And now that I've done it once, I have more to report! All the hard stuff done for you! )

Our friends had not seen Avatar, and neither had another friend of ours, and Mark's parents wanted to see it in 3D, so Saturday afternoon I bought tickets, and that night we went with a group of seven. The theater was sold out. The theater was in fact SO packed, we had to park at the grocery store waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay across the way. This has NEVER happened to us before. Apparently, Avatar is still going strong! (It has grossed over $1 billion world wide! Another James Cameron "phenomenon"? I think so!) As with the first time we saw it, our theater broke out into spontaneous applause at the end.

Neytiri still rocks my socks. I think Zoe Saldana deserves an Oscar nod. But I'm afraid that even though her every facial expression and nuance of emotion comes across, the fact that she is a CGI alien for the entire movie will work against her for nominations. :(

Afterward, we again stayed up until 2:00 in the morning, talking.

Sunday was a lazy day. I made french toast out of some homemade bread (it was awesome, if I say so myself!) We had lunch at the brunch buffet a local Hungarian restaurant offers on Sundays, that is sooooooooo good. The guys played an amazing amount of xbox. I don't know how many hours, but a lot. I played some Dragon Age, while [livejournal.com profile] kistha watched "for tips" as she she is also playing it at home. But even though this is my second time through, she actually ended up helping me with some stuff I missed the first time around. :) We both decided they REALLY need to make an RPG wherein a friend can come in to your campaign at any time and play one of your party NPCs. But we consulted her husband the game designer, and if I'm recalling correctly, such an endeavor would require a certain degree of difficulty on the part of game design...but I could be wrong. I was playing when she talked to him, and only heard about half the conversation from the other room.

There was supposed to be actual tabletop roleplay happening, but zombies kidnapped our husbands for several hours, and we never got around to it. Sad. (However, apparently Left 4 Dead 2 is an engrossing game. Just FYI.)

Either way, fun was had by all, and I shall be seeing them again this weekend, when I will be trekking up north to work on Norweson costuming. :D

I have, I think, achieved the perfect bread recipe for just about anything. Sandwich bread. Hot dog buns. Hoagie rolls. Cinnamon rolls that aren't too sweet. Until the sprouted flour comes in, this is what I'm currently doing:

~ 1 1/3 C lukewarm water
~ 2 C all-purpose unbleached flour
~ 2 C white whole wheat flour (KAF, carried at my local Safeway, FYI)
~ 3 T raw honey
~ 1 T vegetable oil
~ 2 T shortening
~ 2 tsp ground kosher salt
~ 2 1/4 tsp bread machine yeast (but I have some SAF on the way w/the sprouted flour)

In bread machine:

Water, honey, oil, shortening. On top of this add, flour, then salt, then make a little well in the flour and add yeast. Turn on and watch as it mixes. Add water or more flour as necessary, until all ingredients are a slightly tacky, but not sticky, and not dry ball moving around the pan. Close lid and walk away until done.

It rises like nobody's business, and produces soft, fluffy, excellent bread/rolls/what have you, that even my extremely picky husband can't complain about. It makes excellent sandwiches or french toast. It is about 10,000 times healthier and better than storebought bread, both for the whole wheat factor, and the lack of chemicals. No cane sugar, hfcs, or milk products for those sensitive. If you just do the dough cycle, you can take it out and make two regular sized (ie, my banana bread loaf pans) loaves for sandwiches and what have you. I sent one home w/friends, and kept the other.
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Happy Thanksgiving late! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and stuffed themselves silly. Mine was pretty low key, with excellent food.

The Dickens dress is pretty much finished. All but the corset for it. I had to wear my black underbust corset, instead, as I just didn't want to kill myself getting the other one done. I'll have it finished before we go caroling (and oh, god, that is so going to suck! Our group does not sound, um, good. That's what happens when you don't practice!!) Anyway, they did wear underbust corsets over their skirts in the 1860's. They called them corselets, so it's still "period", just not as cool looking as the corset I have half finished.

Pics behind the cut! )

As a last note before I run off, don't forget, today and tomorrow are the last days of my 30% off sale for my Etsy store's entire stock! I already have seven names in the hat for the drawing to win a custom piece made by me. Those are pretty good odds!
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friends?skip=180 this morning.

I didn't check LJ all weekend, as we were visiting friends in Seattle. A very fun time was had by all! Some costuming brainstorming for Norwescon, some xbox, some good food and excellent conversation. Good times!

We went to a really neat costume shop up there that had tons of cool looking stuff, including some fake scar material that had [livejournal.com profile] kistha very excited. I picked up some good costuming make up that should prove very useful.

On our way home, we stopped off at the Cabelas retail location in that neighborhood, and picked up the boy some special hunting weather gear - basically, pants and coat designed to keep one mostly warm and dry, while still being mostly silent as he moves through trees and brush. He was very excited. I was more than happy to spend the money, mostly because I am very soft hearted, and the thought of him shivering and being wet and cold for a week out in the middle of nowhere, where they might get rain, snow, or both at any given time, made me cringe.

But even I have to admit, the Cabelas store was pretty freakin' neat. It puts all other sporting goods stores I have been in, in regards to camping, hiking, or hunting, to shame.

In other news, I am busy working on the rewrite this morning. The end of the month looms ever near.

I'm also expecting a Rio delivery today. For those who don't know, Rio is one of the major jewelry supply wholesalers I frequent. I ordered a couple of new items - some faceted stones, and materials for setting them, and some new pattern wire for ring shanks. Be expecting to see some stuff this week, while the boy is gone elk hunting. If the setting faceted stones thing works out, I may be moving more in that direction. We'll see!


Oct. 19th, 2009 09:49 am
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We saw Where the Wild Things Are, and sorry to disagree with the rest of the world, apparently, but I thought it was kind of terrible! Pretty images and good acting were pretty much the only good things I can say about it. Sloooooooooooooow, and so "artistic" in its filming as to bury the point. spoilers, if it matters since if you've read the book, you know the story )

ETA: We followed this family of five out of the theater, and the wife turns to the husband and says "Did you understand that? Cause I thought it was confusing!" And the 4-year-old little girl walking with them says "I was confused, mama!"

Yeah, you and me both, kid. I'm sure the movie will win all kinds of awards. *rolls eyes*

We also saw Couple's Retreat. Not quite the funny show the previews made it out to be. Sure, there were funny bits, but it was more about marriage and living life as a couple and what it takes to stay married. I actually really enjoyed it. Spoilers )

Other than that, we didn't do much this weekend. I cooked a lot. I made pancakes for breakfast, and homemade ravioli for dinner. I did a lot of dishes. :) Mark was sick, so I spent the better part of my weekend babying him.
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 Spent a very satisfying three day weekend.  There's really only one way to tell it - a bullet list!

~ Saw my new baby niece again!  I shall upload  a photo of her cute self soon.  My sister and fam came down to visit my Grandpa and introduce him to Rosalia.  I haven't been to see him since my Grandmother's memorial, and while I know his sons and daughters have been regular visitors and keeping him busy, I could feel the loneliness there in the house, and Mark and I have resolved to visit more frequently.  I love my Grandpa a lot.  It hurts to see him lonely.

Later, Rhien!Sis brought Rose over to our place and we spent a quiet evening.  I gifted her w/a crockpot to make cooking easier (I was appalled to find she didn't have one.) And, of course, gave her more cute little outfits I'd found on clearance.  

~ I finished a milestone of the Nemesis rewrite!  I am officially halfway, and the chapters are now whizzing by, finally.  I anticipate finishing, if not this week, then certainly very shortly thereafter.  *does dance of joy*

~ Some friends from up north spent the past week in one of my all time favorite places - Disneyland!  On the drive home, they stopped off here last night and stayed over.  It was one of those fun, warm times when you wish people could stay longer.  Very good, indeed.

~ Um.  I think that is all?  It was a good weekend, if not much really Got Done.  :D


Jun. 1st, 2009 10:44 am
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~ Got my hair cut and re-colored this weekend, partly because no way was I going on vacation in two weeks with roots like that! My salon lady cut it just a bit too short for my liking, but she at least kept it long enough that I can - barely - still pull it back for one of my hair pins. (Which she completely freaked out over and wants me to make a bunch to sell in the salon, so that's pretty cool.)

~ Did some spring housework stuff this weekend - pressure washing the deck, cleaning windows, that sort of thing.

~ Am writing today, hope to get a couple thousand words in.

~ Did some jewelry this weekend as well. Which means a GJP!

Sparklies! )

More pics and info at the Etsy store.
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Did everyone enjoy their long weekend, here in the states? I sure did! Friends from the Seattle area came down and stayed. We BBQ'd and saw Terminator: Salvation, which was extremely disappointing. Without spoilers, I guess the easiest way to explain it is this: I was bored. BORED, watching a Terminator movie. Christian Bale and Sam Worthington were very pretty. There were a couple of scenes in which Christian's skin tight black T-shirt that managed to distract me from my boredom, but other than that...I'd suggest waiting and renting it.

Coming off the awesomeness that was Star Trek only made this experience more disappointing, I'm afraid. We may have to own the score, as it was by Danny Elfman and surprisingly, held many of the original themes.

This also only makes me more bitter about FOX canceling SCC. You know, an actual good continuation of the Terminator story.

My other big accomplishment of the weekend was making a necklace to go with a dress I'll wear in Vegas. I needed something red, because though the dress is black, i plan on wearing red shoes with it. Garnet and pearls behind the cut )

Now I just need earrings to go with it. :D
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Where did the weekend go?

I actually got a lot accomplished over it. Let's see - I haven't talked about it much here, but I've lost about 13 pounds or so. Maybe fifteen. Even though I need to lose about twenty more, that 13 has changed the way my clothes fit and what I'm wearing.

I'll also, after three years of talking about it, be going to Vegas for a "weekend" with some girlfriends in June. I've been in lockdown when it comes to spending money, but one of the girls going owed me some jewelry money, and also paid for part of the trip for me as my birthday present and belated Christmas gift. (I am terrible when friends ask me what I want for my birthday or Xmas. I almost never know what to say, so she wasn't able to get me anything at Christmas.) We also got a fantastic deal, so now appears to be a good time if you want to go.

Anyway, Vegas in June = 100 degree weather. Losing that weight meant none of last year's summer clothes really fit me anymore, so a week ago I went looking at TJ's and Ross for inexpensive summer dresses, and I found 4 really awesome buys for $15-$20 each. Two are pretty casual (long, flowy, comfortable) one is a totally adorable retro 50's look from Calvin Klein - in fact, here it is at Zappos for about four times what I paid for it. And yes, mine is even the same color. Apparently, the 50's were a good look for me, because it is super cute!

Oh, I should really close that page from Zappos. Those other cute dresses I can't afford right now. But it's okay, because I already have mine! And do you know how long it's been since I've worn cute little summer dresses, livejournal? YEARS. This is the best motivation to stick with my Wii Fit that I have found yet.

Anyway, the fourth dress is a little black dress with empire waist and tiered ruffles, kinda like this one, except with three tiered ruffles down the skirt. But that neckline is the same, and the basic shape and length are the same.

Even though I haven't purchased any clothes in about, I don't know, six months, maybe? The husband was all "why did you need to buy clothes?" "Duh, because I've lost weight and I'm going to Vegas!" "Well, can't you get rid of some of the clothes that don't fit, then?" *GASP* The blasphemy!!

Why do I find it so hard to get rid of clothes? I looked in my closet, and there are clothes in there I haven't worn in five years or more. Mark has clothes from high school, but he can actually still wear them. Me, I have clothes that are too small, too big, or just not something I've wanted to wear in years, but I keep them anyway. I thought about it for a week, and this weekend, I went through my entire wardrobe and culled about four garbage bags worth.

Okay, so one entire garbage bag was an old set of sheets that have worn through in places, and all the mismatched or stained socks that literally took up a drawer in my dresser. (See? I really don't get rid of clothes - ever!) But this weekend, I did. Looking in my closet, you can't really even tell, that's the sad part. Are all women clothes-hoarders, or is it just me?

Oh, and speaking of, I don't suppose there are any US shoe size 7's reading this who might want some shoes? I have several brand new Doc Marten heels, boots, and sandals that I will never wear, as well as some leather "comfort" heels that would probably work for someone, but weren't enough for my poor little arches for eight hours of wear. I could take pics and post them if anyone would be interested. If not, I may throw them up on ebay. My family has a history of bad arches, and I'm pretty much wearing almost nothing but Danskos now, although my velvet Doc boots and some other shoes I can't give up will always be part of my wardrobe. Seriously, the shoes I'm getting rid of? Most I never even wore, others I only wore once. I got the Docs for $30/pair, which for Docs is a fantastic deal. I can't stand the idea of giving them to goodwill.

I have pics I was going to post today, and sewing and jewelry stuff I was going to talk about, but I think I'll save all that for another post, as this one became longer than I expected.
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Wow, the weekend went by all too fast. On the other hand, this is a short work week, so it should go by fast, too. :)

Didn't do much this weekend. The husband has a cold, so we mostly sat around and did a lot of TV watching. We started Avatar from the beginning, and got through the first half of Water. We also got our Xbox set up on Netflix, and watched a couple of movies this way. My feeling - this is a fantastic feature, if only Netflix had more "watch instantly" movies to pick from. For instance, there are no new releases, and only a handful of older movies I might want to watch that I don't already own. *shrugs* But hopefully they'll add more as they go along, and they DO have all the old classic Dr. Who, so I might marathon Tom Baker one of these days. :D

I returned to doing some jewelry making this weekend, working on things for the Rainbow Drive, and filling a couple of custom orders I've got. I'm trying to pace myself so I don't re-injure my wrist, but things are moving along well.

And things also go well for me at the Dragon Cave - I finally got, not one, but two silver eggs off the abandoned page (I'm pretty sure they were auto-abandoned from some breedings, as both eggs have parents, were abandoned within minutes of each other at 7 days, but are not related.) AND I completed my first successful trade this weekend, to get my first gold egg. Whoo-hoo!

I also bred my water dragon, Tienlong, with Cillia, my purple girl, and they produced a purple egg, my first bred egg! If anyone would like to give it a good home, let me know. :-)
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Friends list is at skip=220.

It's taken me two hours to catch up, mostly skimming, and with interruptions of actual work taking place. Wow.

Hey, what's this Lost in Austen I keep seeing mentioned all over my f-list?? I'm guessing not available in the US, since I've never heard of it til now? But hello, Jane Austen y'all! Why has no one pointed me to this yet? I am going to have to try and find this, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, my weekend was so full, it's taking me two posts to talk about it all. In addition to going to the Pirate Festival on Saturday, I also went and saw So You Think You Can Dance, live, Sunday night. Awwwww, the kids were awesome in person, and I still ship Gev/Courtney, despite the fact that she apparently has a boyfriend and I feel it's kind of strange to ship real people instead of fictional characters.

Pretty much all of my favorite routines were danced, and my only complaint is the music was so loud, it actually hurt my ears at various points. Also, I forgot my opera glasses, darn it, and would have appreciated having them to see their faces more clearly.
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New Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight!! Words cannot express my glee. Please let them continue the same momentum they built during the last few episodes last season. S2 will then be even better than S1! Heck, I'm just happy with new episodes. :-D My layout is finally current again.

I had an insanely busy weekend, so bullet points:

~ Friday night we say Tropic Thunder. Wow, did I ever laugh. If you've seen your share of action flicks, this was hilarious. Galaxy Quest still holds the title of Best Spoof EVER, but this was seriously fun.

~ Saturday was Phantom day - yes, we saw The Phantom of the Opera in Portland, my first time seeing it live. It was AMAZING. One of the ladies I went with has seen it 16 different time, lots of different presentations/actors, and she said this was the best production she'd ever seen. We got the Phantom's understudy, but his voice was so incredible, I wonder how the main actor could possibly have been better. And wow, there was actual chemistry between Raoul and Christine! Like, I could actually see them falling for each other, which is more than I can say for the movie. I've always seen Raoul as this kind of empty character, a pretty face and voice and not much else, and the movie version did fine with that, but this particular show was head and shoulders better.

That took most of the day, driving up, seeing the show, stopping for dinner and a trip to the fabric store on the way home. Saturday night was spent quietly reading.

~ And I spent Sunday sewing. First I finished all the boning channels on my sister's corset, then I cut out her pirate bodice (which I am making her for the upcoming Pirate Festival in Portland. I already have my own costume), did the boning channels, zigzagged the edges of the lining (well, actually my friend L did that for me, cause she rocks). I want both the corset and bodice in a position to fit them to her when I see her this next weekend. Because one weekend after that is the pirate festival, and I've GOT to get these finished so I can move on to my own costume. Plus, the husband has now said he'll come to the masquerade IF I can make him an authentic and also serviceable in the dojo set of hakama and...whatever the hell the shirt is called. Or robe, or whatever it is. Supposedly this will be easy to make, but a month isn't much time for a full Marie Antoinette gown and full asian gear, neither of which I've ever sewn before. But hey, I always do these projects under pressure! It wouldn't be sewing if I wasn't working under some impossible deadline.

Speaking of costumes, the costumes for Phantom were INCREDIBLE. Wow. I wonder what their budget is for that?

~ Oh, and then Sunday evening we went back to the movies and saw Traitor - excellent movie. Kind of sad, but very good. I don't quite see how people are comparing it to the Bourne movies, though, because it totally is not even the same genre. Bourne = unbelievable but entertaining spy action thriller. Traitor = all too believable and scary/sad spy suspense. See? Different.

~ I spent some time this weekend bitching to Mark about my lost Word doc and how upsetting it is to have to start over, blah, blah. And he looked at me and said "Well yeah, but now you get to make it even better."

So then I had to stop whining, because how do you continue to whine in the face of such matter of fact optimism? So yes, today I am...starting over. For serious.
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~ I gathered up all the spare change we've been accumulating for many months now, and took it to Coinstar this weekend. I ended up with a $70 gift card to amazon. That's several books for Kindle. :D

~ On the other hand, I boxed up a bunch (two banana boxes) of books and we took them up to our famous bookstore-as-a-city-block Powell's City of Books yesterday. $96 in store credit. But then, of course, we ended up buying more than twice that in books. *cough* - the only good thing I can say is that we did come home with far fewer books than we left with. And most of the purchases were Mark's, not mine! Bad husband.

~ We watched some Netflix that has been sitting around for about a month - the first disc for the show Damages. HOLY. CRAP. This show is fucking awesome. It's as awesomely awesome as The Shield, but with less creepy or otherwise violent squick (so far) and lawyers instead of cops. But otherwise, there are striking similarities, not the least of which is how incredibly compelling this show is. I am so buying the first season on DVD.

~ We helped move Mark's grandmother into an assisted living facility this weekend. Very sad.

~ It would really be nice if our stupid economic stimulus check would follow the timeline promised - we got our notification, finally, last week. It was supposed to "direct deposit" no later than Friday. Well, here it is Monday, and still no deposit.


Jun. 16th, 2008 11:10 am
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I don't if it was my coffee this morning, or if I've got some kind of bug, but I couldn't force myself to finish my usual yogurt/granola breakfast, and now I'm sitting here feeling actively nauseous. I'm throwing the rest of my coffee out, mostly because the idea of drinking anymore is stomach turning. Which is really too bad, because it was excellent coffee. :(

Ugh. I really hope this passes. I have a difficult sequence to write today, and this is distracting and not the least bit helpful. Perhaps a trip to the vending machine for a carbonated something will help. Is there anything stomach related going around, does anyone know?
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skip=140 this morning - you guys were prolific over the weekend!

So, news in Rhien's world:

~ Saturday, I drove the husband to the airport, and he went winging off to Japan. (For those new to this journal, he goes every year.) He'll be gone for over two weeks, always a lonely time for me. However, this time I have so much planned I'm not sure I'll have time to be lonely. Zoey, our beloved Husky/Lab mix, absolutely hates it when Dad is gone. She knows by now what the luggage means when he pulls it out, and gets depressed and despondent. Well, this year, we can add "anxiety attack" and "makes herself sick" to that! Yes, Saturday she threw up more times than I can really count. By Saturday night, she was down to "tired/depressed". As a result of this, I took her with me everywhere I went this weekend, in an effort to reassure her. Well, one of those places was the fabric store, where I met my friend L. When we walked back out to the cars, she stopped to say hello to Zoey. This is how this went:

L and I come over to car, window is cracked, Zoey is by it, sniffing at window. We both talk to her, I reach my hand in to pet her. Zoey immediately moves to the other side of the car and refuses to come when I call her.

"Wow, she's acting weird," I say. Then L and I stand there and talk for a minute. Zoey comes back over, sniffs at the open window, tail wagging. I am closest, so I turn around and reach in to pet her. She once again moves to the other side of the car, and won't come back. This happens at least once more. Lanette looks in at her, and bursts out laughing.

"Wow," she says, "she is really mad at you!"

I am mystified. I'm the one who stayed home with her, after all.

"She knows Mark is gone," says L, " and somehow it is all your fault.

I think she may be right. My dog blames me because 'her person' is not here, and I am. *sigh*

~ I came into work today and found out I have the entire office to myself all week. Nice! Very quiet, should be good for writing. For those newer readers - my job is very much "look busy so we don't have to worry about what to do with you, and be ready whenever we do have something for you." Under normal circumstances, this would be the most boring job in all the world. But as a writer, this gives me time to write when I normally wouldn't, which also has the added bonus of making me look always busy at my desk. Win/win. :-D We do, however, usually get a lot of traffic in and out and through our office, and I am usually the one answering questions, finding out where the requisite people are, etc. With my co-worker out on vacation, this traffic becomes minimal and makes for much better, uninterrupted writing time.

~ I am becoming increasingly concerned about where things are going with these insane gas prices. I don't think we've seen food skyrocket yet like it's going to. As gas becomes more expensive, it effects everything, not just our personal traveling around. For example, probably 90% of our food gets trucked around the nation, and a lot of those trucking companies are going out of business. It's getting more expensive to get food places. Not to mention, all of the big machines that harvest crops? Run on gas. I'm just...we keep hearing about this big recession looming, and I am becoming more and more afraid that we're headed for something that will rival, or even exceed, the Great Depression.

What a great note to end this morning's post on, right? Yeah, sorry. Random depressing thought for the day.
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Ow. Ow ow ow ow.

Yesterday, I had an hour and a half massage. Now, some of you might be thinking "Wow, lucky her, I am soooo jealous!" Well, that is only because you have a misconception about that hour and a half. A lot of people think of massage as this relaxing, pampering thing. And sure, it can be. But I'm supposed to have one at least one a month as a preventative measure for my migraines. And I am horrible about following through on this. I get one, it works out a bunch of the kinks and knots and things, and I feel fine and don't get any migraines and let it go for waaaaay too long. Like, months.

You may recall last week, my shoulder was messed up (I can't remember if I talked about it here.) All week, it hurt, and was basically like concrete, until by Friday, the pain went from my neck, all the way down to my left wrist. Not. Fun. So, Jessica, my lovely massage therapist and also a good friend, came over with her husband yesterday, brought her massage table, and worked on me. Oh. My. God. Apparently, the messed ip stuff went all down my back to my hip. She dug in and did so many, highly painful things that relieved pressure, relaxed knots and other such necessities. (Really necessary; to no one's surprise, I'd been woken up Sunday morning by, yes, a migraine!)

Anyway, she commented, a little pointedly, that if I kept up with the massage, they would not be this painful, and I would not have nearly as many knots and tight areas. Yes, yes. I know. She is right.

Especially as I'm sitting here at my desk this morning, whimpering because my shoulder and down my spine and lower back (just above my hip) feel bruised and thus painful to the touch. Ow! I took ibuprofen this morning, not for a headache, but for the owies along my back. And I have no one to blame but myself! I should just bite the bullet and start scheduling two a month with her until we get this at a level where once a month can maintain it. She expressed an interest in trading for jewelry...*is contemplative*.

And this got me thinking - millions of people the world over go their whole lives and never have a single massage. And lots of people end up with back problems, or hip problems, or knee problems later in life. I wonder how much of that actually started with muscles tightening to the point where they pulled and stressed things that shouldn't be pulled and stressed, and over long periods it became debilitating. Food for thought. Massage should totally be covered by insurance as a preventative health measure! Too bad it's not (under mine, anyway.)

The moral of this story? Go get a massage!

What else did I do this weekend? Oh, we saw Kung Fu Panda - great, great, great movie. The animation was incredible, the story was good, it had a good message. I actually can't wait to own this one. And, for anyone with any martial arts experience, it's hilarious.

And I wrote and posted Iron Man fic, for anyone who missed it. It was actually supposed to be a drabble, but you know me and drabbles. *rolls eyes*

I also had my wedding ring fixed - last week, I noticed one of the prongs was bent. Since fixing this sort of thing surpasses my current jewelry making expertise, I took it back in to Fred Meyer Jewelers (where it was originally purchased) to their on site goldsmith. Since it's been six years, it was no longer under warranty, but they did give me a new guarantee policy thing, where if I bring it in every six months to be inspected, if a diamond ever falls out, they replace it for free. It was a quick, in and out thing, so I got my ring back, prong fixed and ring buffed within two hours. Although at first, the salesgirl wanted to plate it in rhodium, not buff it:

Me: "Um, I don't think you do that with platinum."
SG: "This is platinum?" *looks skeptical*
Me, a little defensive, because jewelry person that I am, I haven't actually cleaned it in awhile: "It's a little dull right now, but yes."
SG: "Really?"
Me, kind of annoyed: "Yes. I'm allergic to gold, so...platinum." (Thinking: it damn well better be, as much as we paid for it!)
SG: *looks at ring a little longer* "Okay. We'll buff it up for you."
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~ Apparently there are reasons why I like the Pepper/Tony relationship in Ironman - Friday night, I had a very detailed dream wherein I was the indispensable assistant to a wealthy, hot, and womanizing boss, ala Tony Stark, and we were going on a business trip together and "I" knew he was finally realizing his deep and true feelings for "me". It was all very Pepper/Tony, but not them, and when I woke up I wanted to remember those characters and write them. Except the dream faded too fast to get any real detail down. It also really made me want to see Ironman again.

~ Speaking of superhero movies, I am getting cautiously ridiculously excited to see the new Hulk movie. For a long time, I was ambivalent or even mildly negative about the whole thing, because the last Hulk movie was so very, very awful. I kept thinking things like "But you love Edward Norton!" and then "Yeah, but I also really liked Eric Bana until that movie." Seriously, in watching the last Hulk, my husband was exhausted and ended up falling asleep for about half the film. I didn't bother to nudge him, and when he woke up and asked what he'd missed, I told him not a damn thing, and he was lucky to have slept through at least part of it. Even seeing the parts he did left him with the impression of a torturously long, slow, and dull movie.

HOWEVER, Edward Norton! I have blogged previously about how really amazing he is at playing that quiet intensity - the sort of character that's very reserved until something gets to him emotionally and his control breaks. I can't imagine a better Bruce Banner, personally. Which led me to my cautious optimism. (Plus, I will watch Edward Norton read the phonebook. Okay, maybe not. But I might. It depends on how he's reading it.) And then I found out small spoiler that has nothing to do with the plot ) Also, the fact that this a "reboot" movie with nothing whatsoever to do with the last Hulk helps, too. But really Edward Norton + *spoiler* guarantees I'll see it. :)

~ I spent a huge portion of my weekend in serious pain. I have somehow made all the muscles along my left shoulder and up into my neck turn into concrete, and no amount of heating/icing/my husband digging in painfully with his thumbs has made it completely go away. The real kicker here is, I'm pretty sure I managed to do this while writing. The chair I normally sit in to write with my laptop is not exactly ergonomically great, particularly when my head is angled down to see my laptop screen. The reason I'm fairly certain of this is, every time I attempted to write this past weekend, my neck let me know what a mistake that was. I finally ended up in the living room on the couch, with a pillow behind my back and another on my lap with my laptop on top of that to raise it to a height that didn't cause immediate pain. I was also alternating heat and ice on my shoulder/neck the whole time. Let it never be said that I don't do whatever I have to to get my writing time in!

I managed to make up all the ground I had to delete from last week, though, and things are going very well, indeed. I will be very interested in what the betas have to say about these developments.

~ My Mom drove over from the coast yesterday (interrupting writing time) to go and see Indy 4. It was actually a better movie the second time around, I think because all of those expectations aren't there anymore.

~ I have packaged all the sales from last week, and they'll go in the mail today.

Hmm, off to write, now. I do draw your attention, however, to the new Iron Man mood theme. :D No, I did not make it - [livejournal.com profile] lidi did. Really, how can you go wrong with a Tony Stark/Ironman mood theme?? It is made of awesome!

ETA: Warning, the spoiler above is talked about in comments!


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