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 In keeping with, well, keeping to a schedule, I'm going to try to do my usual read LJ/post thing every day.  
Yesterday, I admit I didn't do much.  I cut out some patterns in preparation for costuming.  I played some Mass Effect (preparing for the release of ME2 soon, not that I'll be buying it right away, more's the pity.)  Today, I worked on jewelry, and followed up with the unemployment claim I filed.  Turns out, I'll be taking a $600 per month hit to what I used to make.  *winces*  That's a lot of money to suddenly not have coming in.  And apparently, the Unemployment office is backed up, so who knows when I'll get my first check.  Of course, Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  *sigh*

In the meantime, I'm watching Babylon 5 for the first time.  A friend has been trying to get me to watch it for over a year, and now I finally have the opportunity to do it, and get her season boxed sets back to her. :)   It was hard to get into it at first, but I'm on episode 8 or so of S1 now, and it's keeping me entertained.  

No news from the old job, not that I expected any right away.  In the meantime, I'll just keep writing and making jewelry.  Once Nemesis is done, I'll look further into some freelancing.  I need to do something the help make up the money I'm suddenly not earning.  It's been a long time since I had to worry about having enough money for things like groceries.  I don't much like it.  

In any case, here's some pretty photos for you of a recent custom order.  If you've been waffling about ordering something from me, now would be a good time - no waiting!  :D

Shiny )
If you're interested, here's the listing for a ring like this one in my Etsy store.  
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 Thank you so much to everyone who responded to my last post.  Really, truly, thank you.  I appreciate it so much.  Yesterday was this strange mix of people at work being sympathetic and angry on my behalf (I can't tell you how many Feds came through to tell me how they think this is all so much BS) and other people pretending nothing was wrong and not looking directly at me (mostly the contractors I work with), as though not making the transfer and being consequently laid off were catching.  

My boss was super nice and obviously feeling terrible about it all.  At about 3:00pm, which is 6:00pm back East where all the Big Bosses are, he received a personal phone call the Mr. Boss who is in charge of this entire transfer.  Mr. Boss has NEVER spoken to my boss before, and he called him up personally and mentioned me by name, telling him which sub-contractor they think I should send my resume to (part of the problem in all of this is that no one seems to know which sub the admin positions are going to fall on).  While not a guarantee, this is encouraging news.  (Although I haven't heard great things about this particular sub contractor, but hey, who knows?)

Someone is obviously rattling some cages over this, which makes me feel a little better.  I'm not forgotten the moment I'm out the door.

Then my boss let me leave an hour and a half early, and helped me carry out my stuff out, and hugged me and said how it was a good six years, which it was.  I got a little teary (actually, I cried several times over the course of the day).  

So, today is the first day of waking up and having no where to go.  I woke with a migraine this morning.  Not exactly surprising.  It's mostly gone now, and I'm about to go and fill out my unemployment paperwork.  In the meantime, I'll catch up on Wednesday night's tv, and then make some jewelry today.  I want to write, too, but I'm not sure I'm in the right frame of mind.  Apparently, my current mood is making itself known in my face, my body language, my voice, and my writing (so says one of my best friends.)  I don't want to hurt Nemesis with it.  

I promise, my pity party won't go on forever.  I will post about something else soon - maybe even today.  I know there are so many worse off right now.  I am grateful for what I have.  And hey, I should be able to finish those revisions to Nemesis right up now!  :D


Jan. 13th, 2010 02:44 pm
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No good news today on the job front.

My boss took me out for a farewell lunch today. The good news: several people here on site will continue fighting for us after I'm no longer on site. The bad news: for all intents and purposes, tomorrow is my last day.

I know some people who have had moderate success in the freelance writing world. Writing articles for various websites and the like. I'm thinking about looking into that, instead o just sitting around collecting unemployment and waiting for a job that might not come. Anyone have any advice about how to get into that? I do have a (fiction) pro sale, so that's some experience, I suppose.
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Let me explain. My desk, because they had no where else to put me, is in the reception area of my building, meaning right in front of the door in and out.

When they moved me here in...IDK, September, maybe? This wasn't really a problem.

But now? EVERY time that stupid door opens, a draft of freezing cold air comes in. On top of that, about fifteen new contractors started work this week. good for them! They have jobs! I am truly happy for them. On the other hand, they have no printer of their own yet, and apparently no usable restroom in their building. So they come here to use ours.

The door is opening, on average, about every ten minutes. No, make that five.

OMGMAKEITSTOP! So f-ing cold, and we haven't even gotten to winter yet, technically.

I have a heating pad on my chair i'm making liberal use of. Still not enough. I need to put on my coat, while sitting at my desk.



Nov. 6th, 2009 10:49 am
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Well, what do you know! I'm running Semagic off my thumb drive, and Mobipocket Creator and portable Mozilla. :D All that remains is Photoshop. (Which I found and am attempting to install on my thumb drive even now.)

Of course, all of this makes my thumb drive exponentially more important than it used to be. I will have to invest in a backup version.

I have to admit, it's pretty amazing that these days, you can run software off those little things. It just goes to show - protections people try to put in place never seem to outpace the evolving ability of new technology/software. Companies remove all ability for people to install software on their machines, but they can still run it off ultra small, portable devices, so what are they reall gaining?

I don't care, so long as I get to keep all my bookmarks, and use the software I've become very comfortable with. What's funny - I actually use Photoshop for my job, but they're too stingy to buy it for me.

"We've got a couple of old copies floating around, but you'd have to fight to get them to buy a license for you."

"Okay," I say, "so what alternate software do you have for me to use?"



"Paint? Are you serious?"

I mean, really? Paint? It's like the most crap graphic editing program out there.

(Oh, damn. Unfortunately, while PS seems to have installed just fine, I can't get it to run? It starts and then nothing happens, nothing opens. IDK. I'll have to do some more work with it.)

I am only wokring a half day today, which means I'm in a really excellent mood despite still being horribly sick. Come on, stupid cold - I'm tired of having you now! Go away.

Note to Christmas shoppers - I'm going to be doing a really radical sale with my Etsy store, in other words, huge discounts on all current stock in a pre-Christmas sale. I'll be setting up the details this weekend, and starting it sometime this month. This will be on all current inventory. I need to move some stuff. Storing it is taking up a lot more room than you might think, and I'm on the verge of setting up a new workstation/re-organzing all my jewelry stuff. The less I have to re-organize, the easier it will be.

I enjoyed The Vampire Diaries last night. I thought last week's ep was better, but last night's was still good. They still aren't pulling any punches with Damon as a bad guy. :D
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I'm about to say good-bye to my work computer.  Oh, I'm getting a new one, and I NEED a new one.  I can't open any programs, or save any files because this one keeps giving me error messages about memory and volume and crap.  It started with my work e-mail, and migrated to everything else, so I can't even write, cause I'm afraid it won't save it. 

In the process of this, I'm going to lose a lot of things I love.  Mozilla Firefox, for example.  It's the "government policy" to use IE (BLECH!  Seriously??  No one in IT anywhere up the chain has said anything about this?)  See, this past year, they removed admin priviledges from all employees, meaning I can no longer install anything on my computer.  IT has to, and in order for them to install anything, it has to be approved and all this crap.

So, I'm losing my Firefox, and also Semagic for posting to LJ, and also Mobipocket for converting things for my Kindle.  This is a sad, sad day. :(

To top it all off, the IT woman is so terribly smart, she sent me an e-mail to tell me she has to postpone things, so instead of getting my new computer this morning, I won't get it until this afternoon.  But to find this out, I had to call her and leave a message reminding her that uh, I can't open my e-mail, which is what started this whole thing in the first place. 

In the meantime, I literally have nothing I can do until after lunch, when I get the new set up.  This is fantastic.

ETA: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] soundingsea I now have portable firefox I'll be able to use - hooray!  Now if only Photoshop, Mobipocket Creator, and Semagic (or some other LJ client) also had portable versions...

ETA2: turns out, Mobipocket Creator can run all by itself from a flash drive.  HA!  You guys, words cannot express how happy all of this makes me.  I get my web browser, and I can still convert Word files for my Kindle.  Who knows?  Maybe the other software(s) I'll be missing can also be solved via some similar solution.  :D

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So, there is this woman at work. She's sort of like the den mother - she organizes birthday lunches and "takes care" of everyone, but she's also sort of up in everyone's business about it, you know? She's fine with all the joking and inappropriate conversation so long as she initiates it, and she wants her opinion on things heard. But the minute you disagree with her, she gets upset - dollars to donuts, she's in the lunchroom talking about you behind your back.

My friend M (a guy who's a longtime friend, he actually got me this job) calls her "dangerous" an "EEO incident waiting to happen" and avoids her at all costs. As a woman, I'm not really worried, and I don't mind her, most of the time. i just don't deal with her much. I keep my head down at work, and don't usually express my personal opinion, anyway.

That being said, this morning a co-worker left work because his f-in-law is in hospice, and he got word time had finally come. So he left to be with his wife, obviously, and we were talking about getting him some flowers and a card, and discussion ensued about how long he might be out - this week, obviously, would he be back Monday? Etc. And this woman kept saying something about a Memorial service, and of course there would be one, so he'd probably be out Monday. And my boss said "Maybe. Not everyone has them. My Uncle didn't." And she says "I don't want one when I go." And I stupidly opened my mouth and said "Everyone should have one." And she said, rather belligerently, "Well, I don't want one." (This from the woman who argued not two minutes ago with my boss that OF COURSE co-worker and his family would be having one, as though it was the only option.) Having opened this can of worms, I said, "Well, the memorial service isn't for the dead. It's for the living left behind."

And she instantly got all pissed off and said "The service is for whoever is gone, and if they don't want one, it shouldn't happen."

I was sort of stunned at the vehemence of her response. I said "The person is dead. The only people at the service are living. It's for them to come together and share their grief and memories, to find closure so they can move on."

At which point she turned her back to me and said "I'm done talking about this."

And my boss said, almost at the same time "This isn't an appropriate conversation for the workplace."

Later, he came and apologized, and said he could tell that conversation was going nowhere good, so he thought it best to end it.

Which is good, cause I'm like, oh it's not appropriate?? Kind of like it's not appropriate when she wants to talk about some contractor she's hot and bothered about, or about co-worker A's abs, or co-worker B's love life? Or, it's perfectly okay to make fun of this other guy over here, because he wants to date her but she thinks he's gross, or talking about everyone else behind their back. When she whispers, I wonder if she's talking about ME, because I know she talks about everyone else, that's the type of person she is.

Granted, I should have let it go and not continued the discussion. But having lost my father and now my grandmother, I have some pretty strong opinions about death. Like the time back before Mark and I were even dating, and his grandfather passed away. He was really "off" that night in class, and later a friend of mine went on this tirade, about how he shouldn't allow things outside of class to affect him while he's teaching, and I lost it all over her, and went on a rant about how when she's lost someone close to her, then she can come back and talk about it. Until then, she shouldn't judge anyone else on how they deal with it.

Death is not a neatly confined instance. It has ripples that affect your entire life.

And today is really not the day, not when I already have a migraine and my tolerance is correspondingly low.
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My new spring purse ended up being way too big!  So I've sent it back and ordered a different one, in kind of a metallic pink.  Smaller, obviously. :)

Let's hope the same thing doesn't happen with my new shoes. 

I'm all moved - did I mention here that I was moving my office at work? - anyway, it's done, and I wanted something to brighten up my new area.  See, I've moved from my cubicle to a corner of this old building where the walls are formed of mortared cinder blocks and painted a kind of pale yellow.  Tape doesn't really stick to them, and in order to hang so much as a picture, I'll have to drill a hole (or so I've been told) and anchor it.   So, I bought a fish.  A brilliant blue/purple betta I have dubbed "Henry".  (I think because Ugly Betty and  Blood Ties have put the name in the forefront of my mind, though that didn't occur to me until right now.)  I picked him because even in the teeny tiny ridiculous little cups the pet store kept them in, he was active and moving around.  Now he's even more active in his little bowl on my desk.  I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these 2.5 gallon divided tanks, though, and getting him a brother.  Then they can puff up at each other every once in awhile, and I can add a filter and stuff, because his bowl is kind of small, and could very rapidly get dingy. 

I used to have fish when I was single and in my own apartment.  I had a frog, too, that was awesome. :)  Then one summer we had record heat waves, and I couldn't keep the tank temperature down no matter what I did - I floated bottles of ice water in it, etc, but I still came home from work one day to find all my fish (and my frog) dead. :(  I never replaced them, and ended up giving the tank away.  I kind of regret that now.  I've forgotten how much I enjoyed having fish.
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I've spent the last two days immersed in dusty files and old filing cabinets.  We are half done, but we ran out of appropriate boxes to archive them in, thus I have something of a reprieve today. 

I am, however, moving my office today, so who knows how much I'll actually be online and/or at the computer.  Moving requires not only the physical moving and setting up of things, but also IT coming down and setting up my computer so I'm connected to the servers again.  And when they get to that is anyone's guess. 

All of this means, of course, that I've gotten exactly nothing written since Tuesday.  Woe!  Even at home, I've been much more tired than usual.  I'm not used to this manual labor stuff of moving boxes and files and filing cabinets.  So, no words. :(  But I've been mentally plotting those last chapters in my head, so that's something. 

Also, my Mom has started reading it.  She'd been bugging me about it, so I finally gave her a copy about a month ago.  She called me last night and is up to Chapter 10, or page 68 (these are single spaced pages w/breaks between paragraphs, as people in my family tend to whine if you "waste paper" - whatever.)  For those of you reading (ok, pretty much just for [personal profile] kistha's benefit), she's read up to the Masque.  Which means she hasn't gotten to any of the more explicit scenes yet, for which I am sort of grateful.  I'm kind of hoping she won't comment on them.  I warned her they were there, but I don't want to actually talk to my mother about the s-e-x in the book, you know? 

So far, she is enjoying it and swears that the first chapter pulled her right in. (I have kind of a problem with the first two chapters - not that they're bad, but they're actually my least favorite in the whole book.  People could make some incorrect assumptions from them, because they don't know what's coming.)  But Mom says she thinks they're good as is and warned me I shouldn't mess with them.  I'll wait and see what my beta readers have to say. 

I think part of my problem is, I like the book more and more the further into it I get.  At one time, the Masque was my favorite three chapters.  But last night when she told me she was reading it, I thought "Damn, she hasn't even gotten to the wolves yet!". 

Do other authors experience this, or is it just me?

I'm hoping I'll get to put some time in on it today, but we'll see how the moving of my office goes.  And obviously, the files are only half done, so next week I'm not 100% positive how much time I'll be spending on it, even though my goal was to finish the thing by the 31st.  It's still my goal, I'll just have to somehow try to make it happen!


Mar. 21st, 2007 08:35 am
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I get to spend my day going through four filing cabinets - that's 16 drawers - full of 40-year-old records, and archiving them in boxes.  No computer.  Just dusty files. 

Maybe I'll catch you guys at lunch. 


Jun. 19th, 2006 10:32 am
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It's been up in the air for some time now.  I'm a contractor, which means when contract renewal time comes around, you never know if you're going to have a job until the proverbial ink is dry.  Only this year is even more tumultuous than other years, as not only is the contract up for renewal, but our collective (me, my boss, and another guy who's full time) selves were being shifted from one contract company to another.  Literally anything could have happened.  The new contract could have decided to use their own people instead of us, putting us all out of our jobs, the switch might not have been completed in time, putting us all temporarily out of work until the ink was literally dry, etc etc.

For me, personally, the switch meant a couple of things:

1.  Could be completely out of a job come July.

2. Could be offered a full time position, which would mean benefits I don't have now and more $$.

3. Could stay exactly the same.

This morning, my boss asked me if I wanted to go full time.  I said absolutely.  Unofficially, when I get back from my vacation in July, I will be a full time employee of SD-6.  Ha!  To the good, this means insurance and paid leave and sick days, none of which I had before, not to mention more hours = more $$.  To the bad, this means more hours at work instead of having that time to grocery shop and clean house and what not, and then there's the whole "working for SD-6" thing.  But hey, benefits!  Plus, I don't really mind where I work.  I like most of the people, and that can be hard to find.  :)
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I am as of this moment nicknaming my place of work "SD-6". Why? Because I do work for a division of the federal government (formerly referred to in this journal as EGA, ie Evil Gov't Agency), which was just been absorbed into another division of the federal government, and just this morning we had a lovely little meeting about all the things that are going to change in the coming months, which number as follows:

1. all inter-company e-mails must be sent with a letterhead and be routed through your superviser per their approval before being sent on. Every single one. What a waste of freaking time and resources. This is to make sure everything looks professional and no one is saying anything they shouldn't. As an example, so you know how serious this is, our admin in charge of all records sent out a draft of a letter to one of the bigwigs in the new division. His secretary e-mailed her back and started the e-mail with "first of all, the date needs to be one line higher on the page..." It went downhill from there.

2. all e-mails, business and personal, will be monitored for various key words just in case one of us is a terrorist. I kid you not.

3. all internet activity will be monitored. Theoretically, they already are, but no one cares around here...yet. Rumor has it that the division we've been absorbed into does their timesheet by when you log on in the morning, and when you turn your computer off at night. And they know exactly where you are online at all times. *panics* What am I going to do without my LJ time?!

4. all records will now be associated with our new division's already established record keeping practices...even though they are outdated and not as good as our current method. This affects me HUGELY. Record keeping is kind of what I do, except it's all electronic. Or was. Not anymore.

5. Redundacy, redundancy, redundancy. All the new policies are going to have us doing things three different times in three different ways before we can actually get anything done. I am thoroughly depressed by this.

I need a new job. A different job, working somewhere that overpays me just as much as this one, but without the Alliance running things. Ugh.

Work Hell

Jan. 26th, 2006 11:54 am
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OMG, work sucks so hard, I have people I barely know and only see at mandantory training meetings coming up to me and saying "Wow, I'm so sorry for you." I'm serious. Let me see...five people so far today, and I've only been here for THREE HOURS.

Why, you ask? Cut because I have no idea how long this spewing ramble is going to get )
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What to do, what to do?

My boss is out of the office for the next three days. So is his boss. I have one ongoing project that will be finished in approximately two hours of work. No one has given me anything else to work on, which is both shocking and frustrating, since having nothing to do for five hours at a time sucks.

Of course, that does leave me time to write. Except for that fact that writing at work is always kind of iffy for me because a)I feel guilty about it, and b)It isn't the best environment, what with all the people and distractions/interruptions.

But it's writing. I could get some stuff done. So I'm thinking I might be doing some of that, these next couple of days.


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