Feb. 23rd, 2013 08:43 pm
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Hi LJ! Long time no talk. :) I've missed you.

Lately, I've really been missing livejournal, and posting here, and the feeling of writing down things that are somehow important to me in the moment and sending them our into the ether, and reading my f-list and...well, you get the idea.

So, lately some things have been happening that I'm pretty excited about. Bullet list update, I think.

~ I am about halfway through my Masters program. God, I am so tired of school. But at the same time, uber excited about applying to a second Masters in Popular Fiction, so I can get back to my one true love: writing popular fiction.

~ Our pellet grill of awesome continues to be awesome. We are going to build a permanent shelter onto our deck for it for next year, that's how much we love it. Because it rains a LOT here, and we do not want to give up year round grilling. I am cooking filet mignon and lobster tails on it tonight, because the grocery store had a post-Valentine's Day sale. It just doesn't get any better than that.

~ In approximately three weeks I'm going to be in Disneyland!!! I am so excited, I am obsessing about it. I dreamt about it last night. I cannot WAIT to be there. We are buying annual passes, because this Christmas, we are going back with family. Yes, Rhien will be spending Christmas in Disneyland. :D

~ I may have a job soon. TA-ing online. My first job requiring the BA. The pay is not great, but that does not seem to diminish my excitement. Maybe it's just the idea of actually earning money again? I should find out in the next few weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

~ I am possibly having too much prosecco tonight. Is an entire bottle too much? I suppose I will find out in the morning.
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] world_of_blade. And [livejournal.com profile] kistha, I totally expect you to do this next! 

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Mar. 28th, 2011 07:27 pm
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 Hello everyone!

Things Rhien has been doing lately - 

~ Disneyland! We went for a week with some friends. Overall, a great trip. It rained, though, for most of the time. Our first day there, it rained sideways, and that night there was us, many rain-drenched cast members, and maybe 150 other brave souls in the park. We walked onto Space Mountain. At Pirates, they told us if we wanted to ride again, we could just stay in the boat. It was amazing! Somewhere, we have a picture of main street with no one there.

Also, we saw a REALLY AWESOME Pirates: On Stranger Tides sneak peek on our last night there. They had a really amazingly good Jack Sparrow we weren't allowed to interact with, which made me almost cry. When asked if he was going to be out in the park at all, a cast member told us he would be, starting this weekend (after we were already gone), through the release of the movie.

Sadly, we had to leave before that was going to happen. :( 

But, did I mention the AWESOME Pirates preview? It was awesomesauce. Ian McShane is going to be an amazing Blackbeard!

Also, we are now Disney pin collectors. I won't tell you how much we spent on pins. Because it's kind of embarrassing! I am sad that we had to leave before we could find and trade for all of the sets we wanted to complete, since it'll be a few years before we get back. Alas! (Did I mention the Jack Sparrow I will never get to meet?  *sad face*)

The ElecTRONica rave thing they put on at California Adventures was also awesomesauce! Members of our party alternately danced, played classic arcade games in Flynn's Arcade, or purchased and consumed glowing mojitos to drink (they were heavy on the rum, and came in glowing glasses! Actually, it was a glowing fake ice cube. I still have mine!)

World of Color was fantastic. Well worth the price of admission, so to speak.

~ Dragon Age 2

WTF game??  OMG, talk about traumatizing! I played last night, and I cannot believe <<spoilers>> ) Wait, it's Bioware, I can totally believe it!  Still, if this is midway through the game, I'm afraid of what I'll have to deal with at the end!  

Party banter continues to win, btw. I may play this game through a second time, just to see what other party configurations give me.

~ Pirates!

Yes, I got lots of nefarious ideas while in Disney, because it was a lot of pirate thinking time for me.  I wrote today, and will continue writing until the rewrite is finished. Also, the villain is way more evil now, which makes me happy. Although I kind of don't want to kill her off. I'm not going to in this book, I don't think. We'll see when I get to the end. 

~ Back to Dragon Age 2

Seriously, Bioware, WTF?  Do you guys lie awake at night and think "Now what can we do in this game to TOTALLY TRAUMATIZE THE PLAYER?"  Yes, I think you do! You are making me afraid for Mass Effect 3!
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It feels like I've been gone forever!  Still in Disneyland (until Saturday) but finally have some time to check e-mail and that sort of thing.  Thought I'd do a vacation post from vacation.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Usually Disney premieres it's Christmas parade today, but they did it on Monday this week because it was Mickey's 75th Birthday.  Regardless, today is (so we've been told) THE busiest day in the park for the entire year, so we're taking it slow, sleeping in, going to do some Disney shopping.  We've already seen the parade (which was fun) and the fireworks (three times) so we're feeling pretty good about missing them tonight and not fighting the crowds.  I do have to say that Disney at Christmastime is more special than Disney in the spring/summer.  Every night on Main Street, they do this thing where blowers blow fake snow out and it really, truly looks like real snow.  It is wonderful and magical and makes me wonder if that's how they do it in the movies (it's bubbles, the sudsy kind, and as stated, looks real.  Just don't taste it.)  And there are Christmas decorations everywhere, and the castle WOW!  They have it strung with lights that make it look like it's covered in snow and icicles and it is simply stunning!  I got an awesome pic of it I'll upload.

In short, we're having a great time.  Even if my feet did kill me for the first three days.  Like, literally.  Bad shoes!  I have inserts that are doing slightly better now, but I'm still sorta hobbling by evening. 

The nephews have had quite a few very cute moments.  The cutest so far actually isn't even Disney related.  Both boys like to ride on Grandpa's shoulders, though at eight, they're getting kinda big for it.  So Grandpa limits the number of times he'll carry them.  Two days ago, he told Riley "Ok, you only get one more time for the rest of the day, and then we're done with that."  So, Riley used it up fairly early.  What no one realized at the time was, both boys were wearing new jeans, and these jeans were rubbing the insides of their little legs raw!  By the time anyone knew what was going on, both boys were walking funny, and their poor little legs were all red.  So, they ride back to the hotel (we're staying at the Disneyland Hotel right by Downtown Disney) on the monorail, and when they get off to finish walking to the hotel, Riley says in the cutest, most wistful voice you can imagine:

"Papa, I know you're going to say no."  (Papa already knows what he's going to ask.)  "But do you think you could carry me the rest of the way?"

Awww.  Of course Papa did. Poor boys.  I think Michael carried Brennan, and the boys aren't wearing those jeans anymore.  Ah, to be young enough to heal that quickly!

We have today, and then tomorrow is our last!  Hope everyone is having a Happy Turkey Day, and I'll be back online Saturday after we get home.

(Oh, and we saw Hitman last night.  Not bad!  They did a pretty decent job, storywise, and Timothy Olyphant is very good.  I hope it does well enough that they make another.)


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